Sunday, 27 June 2010


I went blonde when I was 15 in the summer between my fourth and fifth years at school.

It was a gradual thing but it was also a bit of an accident. I had bought Sun-In to give myself some highlights. You can obviously put Sun-In on and lie in the sunshine, but let's face it, it's SCOTLAND, the sun wasn't really strong enough to do any damage, so I used the alternative method of a hairdryer. I didn't really notice an effect so kept using it. And by the time I went back to school after the holidays I was significantly lighter.
My original hair colour (I am obviously the one on the left)

And I realised I preferred it that way. I sure as hell got a lot more attention than I had before.

So I've pretty much stayed blonde ever since, with the exception of a point around about the age of 19 where I was a bit darker for a bit.

Can you believe I didn't actually realise how dark my hair was at the time? I still thought I was blonde. (One on the right this time)

People sometimes ask if I'd go back to my natural colour and the answer is no. Don't get me wrong, I know my hair would look shinier and healthier and would be in far better condition were it dark again. But I don't think I SUIT dark hair. I feel like I was meant to be blonde really - when I look at pictures of myself with dark hair I look pretty washed out - it seems to just drain me.

And okay, it's a hassle when the roots start to grow back in but I am a DIY colourist so I can get it dealt with fairly quickly. Phew.

So it's blonde for me. (And now, sadly, some grey). For the forseeable future anyway. :)

Do you dye your hair a lot or is your hair its natural colour? Any hairdyeing disasters? (I accidentally dyed mine green once.) What hair colour do you feel most comfortable being?


  1. Blonde, blonde, blonde ALL THE WAY!! I was light blonde as a childand then it started to turn dark blonde when I hit 12. :( But then, magically, it started getting lighter again! ;)

    The 12 days I had my hair dark brunette I *HATED* it - just wasn't me and it zapped the little confidence I had!

    So yes, it's definitely blonde for me! :)

  2. My hair is naturally reddish brown. Looks more red in the sun than indoors. I went blonde 2nd year in college. I scared myself for a full month every time I saw my reflection. I've tried dark hair but I look better with my reddish brown locks. Thursday I'm going for a Nicole Kidman red. We'll see how it looks.

  3. It's all natural now. There was a period when I thought highlights would look good but I do not have the skin tone for any blonde. And there was a disastrous rebellion summer before my freshman year in college: I tried for really thin red highlights, but purposely fake red. SO didn't work. My hair went from black to bleach blonde to reddish-orange...yikes!

  4. I used to do hair for a living so I think I've been just about every color BUT blonde. I don't know, I just can't see myself with blonde hair. I really think it would just wash me right out. I did have someone tell me once that I'd look great as a blonde. But then again, I also had someone try to talk me into coloring my hair all black. I usually stick with the reds, I find that I like those colors best.

    How funny that you still thought you were blonde when you were rocking the dark hair. My mom's hair went from dark to a yellowish grayish nasty color fairly quickly. She told me she didn't understand how I thought she was going gray because she thought she was a blonde! It took everything in me not to laugh at that comment. She probably still she thinks she's a blondie!

    Yeah, Secret Regrets is kinda depressing. You might enjoy Post Secrets much more.

  5. I dye my hair myself. Once I left the dye in my hair for too long and it turned out orange! I used light brown. That day there was no electricity and I had to go out for dinner. In the restaurant, while waiting for my food, I happened to glance at my reflection in the mirror and oh dear god! It was orange! The light came on just when I was ready to leave. The following day, I bought a black one and dyed it black! LMAO

  6. No laughing - I decided to put some streaks in one evening after work, and here's the important part - while watching X-Files...
    Yeah, I'm sure you can see where this is going. I pulled some streaks with one of those freehand kits then did some more and then forgot to time it while watching X-Files (it was Squeeze, the one where the guy fit thru heating ducks) and then I called a friend...
    Let's just say - I had marmalade coloured hair for a week. Because I went from just streaks in the front to all over (after putting the bleach on) and then doing even more hair because I wanted dramatic not subtle....
    My hairdresser killed herself laughing then told me to dye the head back to it's original colour and NEVER to do that again.
    I have discovered I can streak other people's hair just fine but my own streaks (as I am med-dark brown) never goes well. Marmalade is the worst one... the time I fell asleep in a chair with brown on and it turned out purpleish dark brown was bad but everyone told me the colour made my eyes look really green so I stayed that colour for years.

    M - go ahead, laugh... it really looked bad!!

  7. It is so expensive to dye so I'm natural now.

  8. Oh I've probably done it all. It's been accidentally dark brown instead of coppery blond, greenish tinted, pink instead of brown (and that lasted for three months, impressive), my natural colour that resulted in a six month long bad-hairday-period before I bleached it, my hair's broken off in pieces after going from red to crazy blonde after 2 bleach sessions in one week, it's been an array of colours and lenghts.

    It's awesomely fun. At the time, it's longer than I've had in years and it's bright orangey copper. I'm keeping it this way for a good while now, I hope.

    Light bleach blonde is my all time fav, because you can add fun colours and just.. people recognize you from like four miles away. Love it.

  9. Blond really suits you. I just assumed your hair color was natural.

    I colored my hair for a long time, but I went back to my natural color a couple years ago and I prefer it this way. It's just easier and cheaper. I do get tempted sometimes to dye it darker, though.

  10. I think you look very pretty as a brunette as well, but you have to go with how you feel best. And blonde is just fun. I was naturally blonde for years and years but I think at this point my hair is kind of mousy brown. Not entirely sure because I've colored it for so long.

  11. I dye my hair dark brown, before I used to dye it black, now I cant stop dying it because I have lots of white hair.

  12. Well, since my grey is comming in faster than I can keep up. For the interest of my finances, I am staying blond so I don't have to cover up as often.

    My daughter just recently started on her way to making her hair blond and she agrees, much more attention blond.

  13. hahaha first of all I love the "obviously I'm the one on the left" caption! Secondly, I usually fantasize about having gorgeous colored hair because I'm naturally a boring brunette, but I have never dyed it yet. I think I'm proud of that because a lot of friends who have gone through dating disasters tell me how it ruined their hair!
    Blond looks beautiful on you, though! Maybe you WERE meant to be a blond, and God just wanted hair dye companies to do business. :P

  14. I loooove being blonde. My hair has always been light, but right now it's the lightest it's EVER been and I'm simply loving it. It's true that blondes have more fun and get more attention! :)

  15. I've always wondered what I would look like blonde but I know that I would never make the effort with the upkeep plus because my eyebrows are so so so so so dark I have a feeling I'd look like a prize idiot.

    I do dye my hair but not often because I daren't do it myself (there's no way I'd trust myself not to cock it up) and because I'm always skint and a trip to the hairdresser comes waaaaaaay down my list of priorities. Last time I went was before Christmas. Yikes.

    So it's usually a red I go for, I try to go for an in your face red but it never seems to come out that way, maybe my hair doesn't like hair-dye?! And then when I get the roots it's not that bad. Plus when I don't go back to the hairdressers for ages the red actually goes really light so I end up looking like I've gone blonder.

    And this comment is far too long.

    So I will wrap it up.

  16. Blonde really looks good on you, it goes well with your skin tone. I don't think you look washed out as a brunette, but that's a little photo so maybe. But based on that, no, not washed out!

    I've experimented with the bottle many times and been all sorts of colours - very dark brown, red, platinum blonde. I find that I look washed out when I am a blonde rather than as a brunette. With darker hair, I can get away with not wearing make up, but when it's light, I need eyeliner and mascara as a bare minimum.

    My favourite dyed do was dark with a few blonde flashes underneath, but when I got my adult job, I dyed it out because I was worried that the directors would take me seriously with my funky hair.

    My hairdresser used to joke that she never knew what was coming when I walked into the salon. After the last time Iwent blonde (we had to use peroxide as there's so much dye of various colours on my locks that only peroxide wll lift it!), and I returned to her to go dark again, I made her promise me to never let me dye it blonde again. It was so frazzled by that point and I had to use loads of intensive conditioner and leave in spray just to get a comb through it after washing.

    I love blonde hgighlighs and flashes but I just can't bring myself to do it anymore. It's funny, but even though the hair is wrecked, just going darker seems to improve the condition. I wonder why that is?

    So, now I am my 'natural' dark brown (although I use home colour kits to keep it glossy) and I tell myself that this is because I want to have shiny brown hair and look classy.

    I wish I was blonde again. Sigh.

  17. Im a brunette and have been every colour apart from blonde. Im quite grey now so i have to regularly dye my hair to cover the grey!

  18. So I was a little blondie when I was a kid and when I turned about 11 or 12 it started getting really dark. I left it that way until I was 18 and started getting highlights and then more highlights and now I'm mostly blond. I love being blond. I had my hair really dark for about 2 yrs (ages 20 and 21) and then went blond again, but gradually. I've never dyed my hair blond, just highlighted it a lot to the point where I didn't have much brown left except for underneath. You can see the pics on my blog from when I was dark. I don't know if I'll ever go completely dark again.

  19. Dark hair all the way for me, although I'm naturally blonde! I'vbe had pink, red, white, blue, black, brown, purple and virtually any other colour you can name!

  20. I have to dye the gray away. For now its only highlights but eventually I'll need a full dye. Bummer.

  21. I was in hairdressing school and my hair was always a crazy time I had used a semi-permanent dye to go blue/black and a couple of days later decided I wanted to do a perm. My teachers warned me against doing a perm over fresh color, but I ignored them anyways and ended up with my hair a sickly seaweed green color...but at least I had a gorgeous perm job, haha!

  22. You look fab as a blonde!! It does seem to suit you, and I don't even really know you :)

    I've always been suited to a brunette. Once I tried to dye my hair purple several times, but it never took and I didn't want to bleach!

  23. Haha, read this just as I'm sitting here waiting to rinse out the hairdye I've put in. If all goes well, it'll be purple with some pink bits. If it's not horrendous I'll post a pic lol :)

    I think you suited it when your hair was dark but you thought it was still blonde lol x

  24. Speaking of which, I'll need to go and do my hair...

    I've coloured my hair since I've been 12. And I've had it every colour under the sun; from mahogany to blueish/purplish black, to blonde, to mousey brown, to bright red, to blue, to ginger... I love being blonde but my hair can't take it. The last time I bleached my hair, I put a bit too much stuff in and kept it in for a bit too long, ending in me losing about half of my hair, coming back to short, wispy hair from my lovely long, shiny locks.

    You know how they say "once you go black, you ain't going back". Well, I'm working my way up from the current mousey brown to darker shades. I <3 having majorly dark hair to contrast my see-through skin. Makes me look a tad gothic. :)

  25. I never dye my hair but that's because I love black hair lol

    You really do look best with blond hair :)

  26. Bahahhaa, natural colour.

    Since hairdressing school, I've been every colour under the sun!

    I love you blonde.

  27. I used to dye my hair a lot when I was younger: I’ve been platinum blonde (but it made me seriously ill looking), red, black, purple, pink but now it's just its boring dark brown colour with a weird reddish tinged bit round the middle of my hair from a dogy dye job. I prefer being a brunette but then I am so its just easier.

  28. I started dying my hair when I was in first year of high school because I started to go grey! Was black for ages until I hit 14 and decided to go bright red and I've never really been anything else since, apart from black again occassionally when it needs to recover! I honestly feel like pillarbox red is my natural hair colour now and I don't relly feel right otherwise :) dammit, now you've reminded me I need to do my roots!

  29. In high school I used to love dying my hair RED like BRIGHT RED and DARK RED it was the only color my dark black hair would take!

    BUT Now I stick to my natural color, and let me tell you it doesnt make my hair healthier or shinier! Not with all the flat ironing, curling, and hair drying I do!

    Blonde DOES suit you! Fabulous =D

  30. im sold on being blonde. try occasionally going darker but always resort back to blonde! god sun-in, i forgot about that, i was never allowed it! haha


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