Saturday, 22 May 2010


Today was a beautiful warm day, of the type that we don't often get in Glasgow. I spent the afternoon sunning it up in Glasgow's Botanic Gardens with my friend V, lazing, gossiping and reading magazines. Just one of my favourite types of day. My one problem? Generally when the hot weather comes out to play in the west end, you get at least a couple of hot guys appearing too. Not the case today.

But it reminded me of a time when me and V fleetingly thought we had found the place where all of the good looking guys in Glasgow went.

It was probably about 5 years ago now and we'd went out for a coffee one Sunday afternoon. Well, I don't DRINK coffee, but "meeting for Diet Irn Bru" doesn't have quite the same ring to it. After our coffee, we were wandering about Ashton Lane and were somehow enticed into a bar called Radio.

After ordering a drink each and sitting down, we looked around. And spotted a gorgeous guy.

Oh, and there was another one in the corner!

Oh and that guy too right opposite, he was cute too. Granted, he was with a girl but still . . . HOT!!!

And then we realised . . . THE BAR WAS FULL OF HOT GUYS!!!

We couldn't believe how exciting this was. Glasgow's not exactly renowned for its hot men after all (actually, coming to think of it, where IS??? Because if you let me know I am booking the first flight there!!!! Seriously . . .) But apparently THIS was where they all hung out.

I seem to recall we ended up there far longer than necessary purely because we had so many pretty things to look at.

A week or two later, we decided to revisit the bar, once again on a Sunday afternoon. It was with great excitement that we entered the bar, sat down and looked around.

No hot guys.


The only guy I even REMEMBER looked exactly like Peter Griffin from "Family Guy". Except in human, as opposed to animated, form.

(Why, yes, that WAS disturbing!)

Apparently the limited hot guy contingent of Glasgow had moved on without us.

I haven't worked out where they went.

Possibly they're no longer even IN Glasgow?

Perhaps it was a clever marketing ploy by the bar to lure in female punters?

Or did we temporarily stumble into some sort of Hot Guy Parallel Universe, like a random land at the top of the Far Away Tree???

I guess I'll never know.

But I'd LIKE to know . . .

Anyone found them??? (Dpn't be greedy - sharing's caring, okay???)


  1. I discovered a place in Glasgow with mega hot guys. Granted, they aren't Scottish, but they are hot. Check out Sarti's next time for 'Coffee'.

  2. Well, my dear, they're all down in Bristol ;)

  3. It is like the Seinfeld episode where George gets invited to the model party because he lied about having had a model as a g/f. He was found out and POOF....they were gone.

  4. If there are no hot guys in Glasgow, then why am I going there? For me though, a great Scottish accent can make me overlook a few flaws! :)

  5. They're in Sydney. Hanging out in animal shelters. Like that builder that came in and smiled the whole time.... delightful.
    I have the best job in the world.

  6. Jesus Christ, why didn't we organise a search party at the time?!

    There were a couple of cute guys at the KISS concert, sans the makeup lol

    Except I think they were Irish (sometimes difficult to tell someone's accent if they're just asking for a pint at the bar lol).

    However, I think we should check out Sydney! :P x

  7. Thats what I love about Europe summer, everyone comes out, shirtless men in the park and all quite hot.

  8. That's really quite funny...!

  9. Last night some drunk Scottish guy cursed me out but quite honestly I had no idea what he was saying to me cause of his accent and I swear he called me bat cheese at some point. Is that a Scottish word? I didn't remember seeing bat cheese on any of the guides to scottish-ness so I figured I heard wrong.

    I so needed you to translate the insults for me.

  10. What I don't understand is that when the sun appears, instead of gorgeous six-pack tanned gods we get horrible lobster pink, scrawny/overhanging gut nobodies all over the place!

  11. Sadly, the fit men have not moved out here. I'll keep an eye out for you though.

  12. Cute blog! Umm...If I discovered a real life Peter G...I would def tell him...and then ask for his autograph! lol


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