Friday, 28 May 2010


So I'm heading to Edinburgh for the blogger/tweeter meet-up today. I have to do half a day of work first but after that . . I'm off to meet up with some fab girlies, some I've met before and others I am really looking forward to meeting.

We have an awesome weekend shaping up and it's going to be a great time.

I'm not anywhere near as nervous as I was before the Manchester tweet-up in Feb. Partly I think this is due to being on homeground. Even though I'm not from Edinburgh (although I'm not from Glasgow either), it IS at least in Scotland. The other reason I'm more at ease is because I have met three of the bloggers before, so I feel a bit more at ease. The last time, before I got to the meet-up, I was like "argh!!! I don't know anyone at all! I am going to freak out and want to go home!"

But this time . . . I'm cool. Honest.

Meet-up girlies? I shall see you in a few hours. Other freaders? I shall see you in a few days (unless you follow me on twitter, where I'll undoubtedly be randomly tweeting in lieu of having my netbook or laptop)



  1. SEE YOU SOON!!!!!

  2. have an awesome time!!!! I'm gutted to be missing it so there'd better be a next time!!!


  3. Ah have a great time, wish I was going too :( maybe the next one?!...

  4. Have a wonderful girlie time! Happy weekend. Suzie xxx

  5. Right now I'm feeling the way you felt before Manchester. But I'm sure it'll be great (have to keep telling myself that)
    Most worried I won't be able to walk in either pair of shoes and make a right idiot of myself...
    Not long now!!!

  6. I haven't been reading blogs lately (busy, you know)... but dude, I wish I'd known about the meet-up! I have a free weekend, and I've been wanting to go to Edinburgh. But instead I'm hanging out in London today and going to Paris tomorrow. So I guess I can't complain. But still, sadness.

  7. How fun! I've never met any fellow bloggers but I used to be involved with being a pen pal and met several of the people I used to write to. Most of the experiences were very positive!

  8. Ah cunt. Forgot :(

    Right babe, you know what info I'm expecting from you (like the concerned parent) so text it when you get this. :P

    And have fun!!!



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