Sunday, 23 May 2010


  • I wasn't around the blogosphere much last week and that's because real life caught up with me and I barely saw the inside of my flat between Tuesday morning and Friday evening except to pass out in bed. When I got home on Friday I nearly cried when I saw my bed. Partly because I wanted to be in it so much, and partly because it was covered in all my crap as usual. I am once again sleeping in a bed full of random stuff I've been too tired to move!
  • It was sunny this weekend. SUNNY!!!! I mentioned this yesterday but I feel it deserves another mention. I got to top up my Zante tan and also burnt my boobs a bit. Oh well. I miss having my own garden though. It's not quite the same in the Botanics - I can't sit around in my underwear and pretend to myself its a bikini. Matter of public decency and all . . .
  • In the space of five days, I have watched two major stars live. Rihanna on Wednesday and, tonight, I saw Alicia Keys. My God! Rihanna was good fun but Alicia . . . she just blew us away! Although I think I may have a "How To Annoy Me at A Concert" post coming up. Let's just say I've had tons of inspiration these past few days.
  • Not really wanting to go back to the office tomorrow. I'm really unhappy there right now, due to the events of a few months ago. When I got home on Friday night, I also kinda wanted to cry because of that. I now want to cry because it's now the early hours of Monday morning and I'm due back in a few hours. I also need to make up some time because I really want to get away early on Friday - and knowing my luck I'll make the time back and then not be allowed to get away early after all. :(
  • Things to look forward to though: Blogger Meet-up in Edinburgh next weekend (hence the reason I want to get away early on Friday, so i can get through there and start the fun as soon as possible), hen night the following weekend where I'll get to make cocktails (woohoo!!!), seeing Ellie Goulding live on the 7th June and the following weekend, I'll be heading down to London for work. I'll be down there from the 13th until the 16th I think, staying in Muswell Hill area, so if anyone is going to be around, give me a shout and maybe we can meet for a drink if I have any spare time!
  • Back on my diet as of tomorrow. I was meant to start it over the weekend but it just didn't happen. I only have four days of it before Edinburgh but I need to get back into the swing of it! Wish me luck!!! :)

And that's me all caught up now, I think!


  1. Thanks for the catch-up & good luck on your diet!

  2. I saw Alicia while she was touring "As I Am" and she was utterly amazing - so much energy, so much beautiful music. She was touring with Ne-Yo and I still remember how fun it was to watch him.

    I'm interested to hear how Ellie Goulding turns out live and hope you can get away early.

  3. Dont want to brag but Monday is a Holiday in Canada ;)

  4. I'm really jealous of your sunshine this past weekend. It SNOWED here this past Saturday! It's the end of May and it freakin' snowed! Grr....

    Hope work gets better. If nothing else, just be happy you at least have a job. I can't get one to save my life. Boo!

    Never heard of Ellie Goulding. Sounds fun, I hope you have a wonderful time!

  5. Ack it's so horrible hating work. I hope things get better for you soon, I know that Monday feeling all to well when you just don't want to go in at all.

    Have HATED not having a garden this weekend, it sucks big time.

  6. Alicia AND Rhianna!?


  7. You sound so busy! Have a lovely week! suzie x

  8. I saw the beginning of a Alicia Keys concert during a festival once, I remember the first two songs, next thing I know its the day after and I wake up in a tipi tent. I say it was a good show.

  9. Whoop whoop, Edinburgh!!!

  10. Glad to know your back! I hope you have a great week :-)

  11. I went to see Alicia last week she was brilliant, she was never off the stage longer than 2 mins, which is impressive these days.


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