Wednesday, 28 April 2010


To all the rude people out there . . .

Here's a lesson for you. Manners cost nothing. Seriously. If you have seen me virtually everyday for the past four and a half years and you walk past me, don't growl at me if I have the ABSOLUTE NERVE to smile or say "Hi". I end up feeling as if I've done something bad, like threatened your pet dog or your kid or something. Funnily enough, I am trying to be NICE. You should try it sometime. Seriously. It won't actually KILL you. (Well, not most of you anyway . . .)

To Aunty Rose . . .

I guess you read my rant about you last month. Is that why you have decided to delay turning up this month? Have you invited yourself on holiday with me??? If you embarrass me in my bikini, I will not be a happy bunny. Just so you know!

To my body . . .

Why won't you downsize??? Why am I now a pound heavier than I was at the beginning of last week? Why is it when i give you healthy stuff to eat, you rebel? Please stop it!

To a certain someone who will remain nameless . . .

I hate miserable people who go out of their way to pick on people and try to drag them down to their level. You are a prime example. Oh, and your fake laugh fools no one. I'm very glad I'm not you. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

To "Where in the World" Wednesday . . .

Sorry for abandoning you these last few weeks. I needed a self-imposed break. I need to go more places. I will be back after Zante - promise!

To F . . .

I think you still like me. I still like you. But it's always going to be the wrong time with us. This makes me sad. But I won't dwell on it any longer.

To the holiday company . . .

Please ensure that our tickets are waiting for us at the airport as promised, that the line isn't too long, that the plane isn't delayed and that we stay safe. I have been looking forward to this holiday for so long, and I DESERVE TO ENJOY IT, GODDAMMIT! Glad we have that sorted.

To Zante . . .

Make sure the weather is nice for us. I want a suntan. Thanks.


  1. Love this post! So cute!

    Have fun on your vacation.

  2. Great letters - they made me laugh..

  3. Augh, rude people are the worst! I see that this is an international epidemic.

  4. Honey, if any of them give you ANY grief... let me know and I'll sort 'em out.

    Oh yeah, I can beat up the weather.

    :P xXx

  5. I will never get people with no manners. Seriously. It just blows me away that people are okay with a lack of common courtesy.

    Today, I thought about starting a website that takes photos of jerks on buses, and outlines their rudeness. Perhaps I need to get over it a little...

  6. I hate rudeness too, there's never any need for it. If it was up to me it would be a criminal offence! Hope the holiday company is listening to you :)

  7. I'm keeping my finger and toes crossed you have a fabby holiday. Also, not that i condone crisping in the sun but please get a tan for me too, staying here, all pasty and in England....thanks.

  8. I hate rude people. There's just no excuse for it!

    I also hate my Aunt Rose who is threatening to visit any second now. She likes to tease me a few days before by making me bloating to the size of a Good Year Blimp first. Then she shows up, I'll still be bloated for several days and she brings the cramps along with her. I've tried to explain she's messy, painful, inconvenient, unwanted, expensive, etc, but she still insists on coming back every month! What is with it with her!

    I really like your blog!

  9. I think we all have at least one of these:

    "To a certain someone who will remain nameless . . .

    I hate miserable people who go out of their way to pick on people and try to drag them down to their level. You are a prime example. Oh, and your fake laugh fools no one. I'm very glad I'm not you. I'm sure I'm not the only one."

    ... in our lives... I have about three. Fortunately, for me, most of them are just stalkers that I'm learning to get a giggle out of. You can't help people that WANT to be miserable and people like this WANT to be miserable.

  10. haha i love the note to "aunty rose"! I hope you have an amazinggg time on your much deserved vacation!! Get a good tan and take lots of pictures :-) And don't worry, I'm sure your body will learn to cooperate in no time!

  11. Ooh who is this F person? I'm intrigued.


  12. hoping you have warm, sunny weather on your holiday! i'm jealous ;)

    i hate knowing that there are feelings there but it's just not meant to be. it seems like a waste. but from my experience it's better to accept it's just not going to happen :/

  13. Hang in there! Thins will iron out. And your body will eventually catch up to your healthy eating.

  14. Best of luck in the downsizing thing and I hear you on the rude people thing. Rude people are rude!

  15. As far as the rude people bit goes I have the same problem. Particularly on the subway. I'll see the same people everyday and try to strike up conversations because mostly I'm bored and pretty outgoing and they'll act like I'm a mugger or something. It's so odd.

  16. nicely said( and i hope they all listen)!

  17. Actually, being nice killed a friend of my friend's once. It involved a water buffalo and a bikini, but it makes me sad to talk about it.


  18. Love it that you're going somewhere to soak up the sun. Have fun!:)


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