Tuesday, 6 April 2010


I formed a useful equation recently:

1 toilet roll lasting four days + lack of noise = Noisy Flatmate not being in the flat for several days!!!

Unfortunately this realisation came to me yesterday, so I didn't appreciate it fully. And as I prepared to walk out last night to meet my friends, I was greeted with the unmistakable noise of her (and boyfriend, who I'm increasingly convinced is living here too) returning.

And so I woke up this morning to the sound of her voice . . . and no toilet paper left in the bathroom.

So . . . let's do the maths here. One roll of toilet paper lasted for nearly four days, with almost half a roll left, when she wasn't there. Within about 12 hours of her returning, toilet roll is gone.

Which means . . . it is DEFINITELY her and boyfriend that over-use the stuff.

Grrr grrrr grrr.

Not that it bothers them - they just go and use the OTHER bathroom where presumably there IS loo roll.

So childish it may be, but when I needed to go to the toilet there, I took several sheets from our supply (which we keep in our kitchen) and didn't take an entire roll in with me. Now I know once and for all that the lack of loo roll is linked to her, I definitely don't see why I should pay for her to poo.

Some good things that have happened, just to balance out the loo roll negativity . . .

  • My asos delivery arrived today. I have a couple of cute new tops, some fabby Barry M nail polish, and an adorable little dress. The only problem with it? It buttons up the back. Seriously. Do they assume we are all double jointed? Things that ZIP up the back are difficult enough!
  • Our pub quiz team came third last night and won a bottle of wine. Which the rest of them let me have. And I put the bottle in my bag and didn't fall over, so I was able to drink it. Well, I still have a LITTLE bit left, so I'm going to drink that now.
  • I FINALLY managed to reserve me and my sister's seats on our flight to Zante next month. Thank God. The Thomson site was doing my head in last week!
  • I have tons and tons of fab books to read.
Now all I need is for my netbook charger to arrive, these Reebok trainers I'm meant to be testing to turn up, and to work out who the heck keeps phoning me at really strange times and not leaving a message, and life might almost be good.

EDIT: By the time I got home last night, she had bought toilet paper. I should state here that a lot of the time she is quite good for buying toilet paper - it's just that I resent buying it most of the time as I probably only use a few sheets of paper per roll. Which is why we never put more than one roll in the bathroom at a time - it seems to just get them excited . . .


  1. Oooh, I remember the days of flatmates eating loo roll. Makes me glad to be a loner living by myself...

  2. I'm getting very annoyed that we still haven't received our Reebok trainers. What kind of promotion is this? They get free publicity for no trainers... grrrr

  3. The toilet paper thing would so annoy me. Using it all is one thing, but not paying or replacing it is another....and her bf is living with you and not paying any share of the rent - WRONG --- you might want to keep track of that and talk with other roomies about it if it looks that way - why should you foot his share of the rent?

  4. I enjoy reading your "flatmate" experiences because I am kind of the same situation ,so I can relate. The house I rent a room in has two other people in it and since I don't own the house I have no control over the roomates. Fortunately one room mate has the "master Suite" so he is kinda self contained. My last roomate was a total Asshat, but now my new one is like a ghost and I love it. I never know if he is even home and we all have private entrances to our places.

  5. The return of my boyfriend to my apartment has caused the toilet paper supply to dwindle significantly. I'm convinced boys use much more toilet paper then girls!

  6. Ooh - living with people can be really frustrating sometimes!!

    Sounds like lots of other good stuff is going on though - so at least it balances out somewhat!! :)

  7. Oh come on girlie, MAKE HER PAYYYY. Seriously, it will be costly in the long run if they use that at that amount. How much poo do the produce anyway? Ew. Scratch that :p

  8. Who uses that much tp? Seriously she may have an issue. That is not normal. That would totally irritate me. :)

  9. I'm with Andhari on this one! I would be so pissed after a while that I would of scratched her eyes out.

  10. Erm, what the heck are they doing with the toilet roll? The best I've ever been able to use is one roll in two days and that included using triple the amount that I'd normally use when doing ma thaaang, cleaning the snake tanks and wiping the kitchen surfaces. So... What the heck?!

    Yey for Asos and Zante though!


  11. Room mates are they really worth the effort?

  12. Get me to confront her!

    From this weekend we know that I'm rather awesome at being blunt with folk who've pissed me off. C'mon! You know you want to... this has gone too far! :P

  13. wow, that's all a bit odd! Why don't you hide the toilet paper or something equally as annoying?

  14. It's so funny to hear it being called a "loo roll"

    I think you shouldn't replace any and hide your roll in your bedroom. Bring it with you every time you need to go. Maybe she'll get the hint.

  15. As awful as this sounds, I love reading your flatmate rants :P I'm sorry!

    Still reckon you should hide the loo roll. Or cover it with some sort of itching powder...

  16. Haha I love loo roll saga! How come is it the small things that are the most annoying. I think you're right, start going in with your own supply!

  17. Move in with Mitch :) All problems are solved :)

  18. I had an ex-roommate who used all the toilet paper, too! We couldn't figure out what she was using it for, we decided she just sat in the bathroom and ate it. Seriously, so much money wasted in the year and half she lived with us...money wasted on TP!


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