Saturday, 17 April 2010


So you may or may not know that a volcano erupted (AGAIN!) in Iceland this week. And as always (as I've said before "The Day After Tomorrow" proves it) Scotland was first to be affected as Scotland airspace was closed down shortly thereafter, and the rest of UK and parts of Europe quickly followed suit.

Me and one of my former flatmates (the one I went to Rhodes with last year) are a bit worried about this. I'm meant to be going to Zante on the 2nd May, she's going to Majorca on the 1st. With all the vagueness surrounding when the flights would begin again and the ash would disperse, we've been worried it might affect our holibags.

I am very determined it should not, since our first holiday plans for May were thwarted due to Globespan going into administration. And then, do you remember our Majorca holiday last year? A great time was had DESPITE the taxi going off the road en route to Glasgow airport, our flight being delayed eight hours AND a terrorist attack killing two policemen in the very resort we were staying AND resulting in half our loved ones texting us frantically to ensure we were okay.

I think we deserve a trouble free holiday. Right???

Anyway, I had a great laugh this morning at my flatmate deciding she was allergic to "volcanic dust from Iceland". It's not something that has a cure that you can just pick off the shelf, right? Not in SCOTLAND anyway - I THINK our volcanoes are extinct, so volcano ash isn't something we suffer a lot from. I'm glad I could see the funny side of it, despite worrying two weeks into the future.

Seriously though, of my friends on Facebook, so many were affected by the flight cancellations. There were people stuck in the country who couldn't leave, others who were stuck outside the country and couldn't get home . . . there was even a guy who couldn't get the tattoo he wanted because the tattooist was meant to be flying over from Sweden and couldn't get a flight. In my work, one of our most important deadlines has been affected by the fact we can't get deliveries from overseas due to the flight cancellations.

I've never known anything like this.

Yet in the same way ir's kinda awesome and makes me want to go to Iceland. Because I'm weird like that.


  1. I live in Connecticut right outside NYC and it is all over the New York tv stations and it looks crazy!

    I can't imagine this lasting more than 1 week. At least I hope it doesn't.

    My sister is flying to Scotland in August and I told her to buy trip insurance because weird shit can happen.

  2. The most important Rosy okay?

    I hope it clears up so you can go on your vacation. Mother nature is being crazy lately!

  3. Ugh I'm SO stressed about it. We leave for Europe in 9 days and I'm FREAKING OUT our whole trip is going to fall through :(

  4. I've been hearing about this situation on the news, but I feel so far away from it being in the US and not having any plans to travel to Europe any time soon. Your blog has given me an interesting side of it from someone who's involved in it, even if not currently sitting under and ash cloud. Good luck with your upcoming vacation!

  5. My uncle is actually stuck in Paris because the ash. Oh dear be careful.

  6. Sure it will all be over in time for your hols....fingers crossed! I am a bit concerned when they say it could go on for months as that will spoil our Canada trip in June.
    Already missed out on a long weekend booked for Amsterdam (was supposed to fly this morning!).

    But, as you said, other people far worse off, stranded abroad, missing weddings etc and not to mention the Icelandic people whose homes will be destroyed by the eruption!

    Have a good weekend....

  7. Yeah, that sucks - a friend of mine was supposed to fly from Paris yesterday and God knows when he'll be able to come. We also have people cancelling their arrivals at work and I would be upset to say the least if the conference I've been organising since January was cancelled cause majority of the speakers wouldn't arrive! I consider not shopping in Iceland anymore.

  8. I'd totally come with you!

    Yeah, a couple of my friends were meant to be going to the Roadburn Festival in the Netherlands - cue frantic Facebook messages asking if anyone would be able to drive them down to London so they could try travelling from there.

    It's all been a bit quiet so I'd like to think they got there and just missed a day or two :)

    (You're totally right, I was the one who reminded folk in work that if disasters happen, Scotland cops it first, according to 'The Day After Tomorrow'... crap. lol)


  9. I blogged about the cloud last night :) Amazing how it has effected so many.

  10. It's awful, so many of my friends have been affected. Himself has a flight on Tuesday and it's starting to sound like it will be cancelled too.

    Hopefully by the time your holidays come around everything will be getting back to normal :)

  11. I'm sure it'll have all cleared p in the next week or so...hopefully!!

  12. I hope you have a trouble free trip - that last one sounds like you should deserve trouble free trips for the rest of your life!

  13. My BFF is due to fly from sydney to london on Friday..
    I secretly hope there are still delays because i want an extra few days with her. But that's totally selfish of me.

    It's all very dramatic, isn't it? Shutting airports and cancelling everything?

  14. ah you don't have much luck do you :)

    My best friends have been in New Zealand for a year and were supposed to have been home yesterday morning to see everytone before they headed back up North but they've been stuck in New York have no idea when they'll be back and I'm off to Cornwall next weekend so will miss them. Ahhh!! But I guess there could be worst places for them to be stuck. Bloody inconciderate ash!!


  15. Several of my friends are stuck in Ibiza right now. It sounds incredible to begin with, until you run out of money and are reduced to sleeping in the airport! Hope your holiday isn't disturbed, although hopefully all should be back to normal by next week :) x

  16. DAMN! You are due a hassle free vacation. I hope it works out for you.

  17. I have a friend who's wife went to Paris on business... and is now stuck there.

    Of course then again there's worse places to be stuck when you're on a corporate expense account.


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