Wednesday, 3 March 2010


It's Wednesday! You know what that means, don't you? "Where in the World" Wednesday time! If you want to participate pop by Classy in Philadelphia's blog in a few hours time to leave your link and check out the other participants.

I'm continuing my "staying closer to home" theme this week by showing a few pics from my current flatshare in Glasgow's beautiful West End. I know I'm ALWAYS moaning about my flat but I've had a lot of good times here too. So time to balance it out, I guess . . .

Let's get going (I'll point out here that these pics span around about 5 years)

A fairly recent photo of me playing B's Wii in her room last August.

Me with Bitchslap the Snowman. Me and Mich made him one night out of paper chains (we'd made waayyy too many at Christmas one year). Later on, we put Mich's Offspring hat on him and gave him a sign that said he was "Pretty fly for a WHITE guy."

(I have NO IDEA why we called him Bitchslap now. Mich, any ideas?)

Wow, we cracked ourselves up sometimes . . .

Hallowe'en one year. And once again proof how rubbish I am at fancy dress. This was prior to my successive years as undercover fairy and fairy-with-an-identity-crisis. This is me posing in the kitchen dressed as an overdressed Playboy bunny. With a cockail shaker.

Me in Amy's room (at the time!) posing with a picture of a lollipop I bought from her (Amy studied photography.) I love this pic and it has pride of place on my bedroom wall now. One day I might even get around to getting a frame for it . . .

Was this National Pirate Day? I'm not sure but I know there were only two pirate hats and Mich and Amy had them. So I ended up wearing the builder's hat and brandishing a pirate sword. Like one does . . .

Giving Mich a lapdance. I believe we were both very drunk that night.

Me and Amy posing in the old living room (now B's room)

Posing in my OWN room, last St Paddy's day, when Mich came over and we got utterly wankered together. I can't believe I had to work the next day!

Me and Mich - if we weren't doing "YMCA", then I honestly have no clue what else we could have been doing . . .

Our little Hogamanay 2008 party which took place in our kitchen.


Hope you enjoyed, and want to hang out with me even more now. Who can predict what might happen when I'm around??? Hehehe.

Thanks to Jessica, as ever, for hosting this feature! Luv ya chick! :)


  1. LOL @ the lap dance picture. Awesome!

  2. Oh, you guys have so much fun!! You make ME want to put on a builder's hat on pirate day and dance to YMCA!! Thanks for the fun!!

  3. LOL love your YMCA dance!

  4. Okay, so did you buy a lollipop from Amy and take a picture of it or did you buy a picture of a lollipop from her?

  5. You are seriously the funnest person.

  6. Drinking? Lapdancing? Posing as a Playboy bunny ? P - you naughty minx!

  7. Calling him Bitchslap was your idea. No clue what inspired it though I'm afraid!

    Ahhhhh bloody good times... miss living with you and A!

    Heyyy I've got March 18th off - want to get wankered again this St Paddy's Day? You can stay over at mine if you want - we'll do a wee tour of the Glasgow Cross pubs, they'll bloody love us if we wear a bit of green! ;-)


  8. Sounds like you can have fun anywhere! :) That's a great quality!

  9. I love that you say rubbish and wankered. :)

  10. Haha, what a great idea to show your flat as WITWW! :)


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