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TMI Thursday

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Once again, my TMI is not all that disgusting. At least you might not think so. But bear this in mind: YOU were not the one who had to experience it. So unless you've been in this situation too . . . don't hate.

Back when I was in my second year of uni, we used to only have one class on a Friday - at the silly hour of 3pm. I believe it was French. Anyone who made it in would inevitably end up in our campus's tiny student union afterwards for a vodka or twenty.

I met the Face Licker on one of these such nights.

Not at the student union though. After we'd had a few drinks, I somehow ended up agreeing to go out with one of my uni friends in Baillieston, a suburb of Glasgow where she lived.

I have no idea why I thought this was a good idea. For one thing, I clearly wasn't going to get home that night if I went in the complete opposite direction from where I lived. For another, I didn't even particularly like this girl, and in retrospect, I'm pretty sure she didn't like ME much either. But I also don't really agree to going there - one minute I was in the bar, the next on a train to Baillieston. So I don't really know what was running through my mind when I agreed - with the exception of vodka obviously.

So fast forward to several hours later, we've hung out in Baillieston's finest drinking establishment (despite my fuzzy memory, I'm sure I use those words with a liberal amount of sarcasm) and are now down at the bottom of what I believe is a playing field. I say "we" - it is me, this girl from uni, and two guys. One of which she is determined to snog. He seems fairly determined to snog her too. (Neither of them are particularly blessed with good taste.) They go off and leave me with the other guy to make awkward conversation.

Real polite, right? Invite me out to somewhere I don't know and can't get home from and then leave me with some stranger? Truth was, it didn't really surprise me coming from this girl.

Anyway, we exhausted the conversation pretty fast and then, in a drunken moment of inspiration (once again, the word "inspiration" is heavily laced with irony), I decided the best thing to do would be just to snog this guy. He wasn't attractive at all (even with my vodka goggles on) but at least it would be something to pass the time until my "friend" came back. So I started kissing him.

And very quickly became to regret that decision as he started . . . overusing his tongue. His mouth was wide open and he was LICKING MY FACE!

(Is that a surprise? The clue was in the title.)

I don't know if he even realised he was completely missing my mouth (he was pretty drunk himself and it WAS dark) but it was absolutely disgusting. I was a bit inexperienced myself and didn't really want to criticise, so I just went with it, but I really just felt like being sick.

My face was WET, for fuck's sake!

I had to actually RUB HIS SPIT OFF MY FACE when my friend reappeared. He had got it EVERYWHERE.

I really REALLY hope he's learned how to kiss since then.

Or perhaps he is normally a really good kisser but I just had a really tasty face?

Was he a cannibal teasing himself???

Hmmm. I guess we'll never know . . .


  1. All I have to say is ewwwww.

  2. Face-licking is the stuff serial killers are made of. You should be glad your friend came back in time to save you.

  3. I'm with you. That is gross. It reminds me of a Sex and the City episode where Charlotte dates a "licker."


    Tough break.

  4. eeewww . . . you gave me the heebie jeebies!

  5. How disgustingly awful! Haha, wonder if he was a cannibal...

  6. Ugh that seriously made my stomach begin to heave for a moment. In fact I have to really stop thinking about it now!

  7. EW. Licking is so gross. Why do people find it attrative or hot or sexy or whatever.
    SEXY SCHMEXY... Licking is not cool.

  8. LOL. I think all girl bloggers should consider blogging about guys they snogged not because they fancied them but to bind the time :)

  9. Ick!

    And Kasia, I think you could be on to something there. You could start a trend!

  10. omg, the line: "Was he a cannibal teasing himself???" cracked me up. Suuuuuuper erotic! (Yes, my words are also laced with some pretty heavy irony...)

  11. Ew, I totally gagged a little reading this! I'm so sorry for you, how yucky!!!

  12. Oh, that is the worst, I mean I hate wet kissers let alone FACE LICKERS, yuck!!

  13. haha awesome.

    I like to lick my wife's face every now and then to annoy her. I'll go in to kiss her cheek and then lick it instead when she least expects it.

    it works every time.

  14. "My face was WET, for fuck's sake!"


  15. Oh My God! I really feel for you, a bad kisser is inexcusable. I've had somebody rape my face too, not the best thing i've experienced.

  16. Ew. I am a little glad to hear that I'm not the only one to have encountered a face licker. Just be glad you weren't in a room lit by blacklight at the time. Trust me, it makes it worse.

  17. I found you through Lilu’s TMI posts and OMG...Ew!!

    Facelickers are disgusting! But, VODKA rules!

  18. Shy & innocent26 March 2010 at 07:10

    Ewwwww... I feel for you, I've had such an experience, too. Only the guy who licked my face was 28 years old. Yes, he was drunk, but he didn't just kiss slobby, he also literally LICKED my cheek and thought it would turn me on.
    Guys should take kissing classes when they're teenagers. :D

  19. I just puked a little... That's just like... just EW!



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