Friday, 26 March 2010


Morning all!

My blogging/commenting may be sporadic over the next few days as the charger (I HOPE it's the charger) on my netbook is screwed (I have about an hour worth of battery left and am using part of this to type this post) and my laptop is a bit crap so getting on the internet is a bit difficult as sometimes I have to reboot my system three or four times before I even get access to anything. So just in case I vanish without a trace, that is why. I guess my google reader will pile up in the meantime, apart from anything I can read on my lunch half-hour today.

Anyway, since I've been craving chocolate all week, and finally got to have some yesterday (albeit the dark stuff, which I'm trying to train myself to like more since it's apparently "better for you"), here's a little chocolate-y treat for you. I heard this song for the first time in YEARS last night and it has just made me smile so much (both the song and video are so damn cute) so I hope it makes your day that little bit better too.

Happy Friday!!!!

What's everyone's plans this weekend?


  1. Ha bit of old school, love it!

    This weekend I am going to MANCHESTER! hurray hurrah and all things inbetween.

  2. Aw man that song brings back memories. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. I find that an exciting weekend plan. Oh, and my friend's little boy's christening!

  3. Yay for chocolate! And lol at 'training yourself' to like dark chocolate :)

    Plans this weekend... derby bout is on tomorrow - you'd better be rooting for Glasgow! :P x

  4. Yumm... dark chocolate is my favorite. Just about the only kind I'll eat, actually.

    Have a great weekend...mine will hopefully be pretty low key. A birthday party tonight and then maybe going to the lake tomorrow.

  5. That song reminds me of being in a taxi on the way to Love Parade in Leeds with two of my best friends many years ago. Happy times :)

  6. The weekend? Hmmm...Hubby has a bunch of side jobs so I guess I'll check out the local flea market and I'm meeting up with a friend for coffee and catch-up...

    Oh yeah, the gym...I have to get there.

  7. I was just considering getting a netbook to replace my laptop because it's so bulky and I have a desktop, but now... I'm a sucker for horror stories that hit a little too close to home. I'm looking forward to hearing how that's resolved.
    This weekend, I'll be delivering babies (maybe), studying (definitely), and teaching someone at church how to turn their palms into a cross.

  8. That's brutal about the netbook - hopefully you can get it fixed soon!

    I love dark chocolate and I would recommend trying it first with nuts or caramel in it if you want to ease your way in. Dark chocolate with hazelnut is always a good choice.

  9. I don't think I'll ever be able to make the transition to dark chocolate. The milk is just too too good.


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