Saturday, 20 February 2010


*I've not felt anyone, young OR old, in quite some time, so the title is somewhat of a moot point (or, as any "Friends" lovers might get, a "moo point" - "it's like a cow's opinion - it doesn't matter - it's MOO", hahaha) but I wanted to get your attention. Anyhoo . . .

So I've been 30 now for over four whole months.


I think it's only just starting to sink in now.

The thing is, I don't FEEL any older. I KNOW it's just a number. It's just the fact that the number occasionally panic me.

I don't think I LOOK any older either. In fact, I have been ID'd SO MUCH MORE in the past four months than I have been in five years. It's an inconvenience having to carry my passport around everywhere with me (and have idiots who can't actually seem to find the PHOTO in my passport - don't even get me STARTED on that) but it makes me happy at the same time. It's reassurance - I DON'T LOOK MY AGE.

(It could ALSO have something to do with the fact that my turning 30 apparently coincided with a law that holds the PERSON who served an underager alcohol responsible rather than the company they work for, but let's not examine that further. It's cos I look young, 'kay???)

Anyways, tonight I gave into an urge that has been plaguing me for a while . . .

. . . and bought some anti-ageing night cream.

It's something I was somewhat reluctant to do since I'm still using CLEARASIL PRODUCTS to keep the slightly dodgy skin at bay (the irony being that I only developed this crappy skin when I was about 26!). Plus any wrinkles I have have been there since I was young. My forehead has had lines on it since I was pretty much starting HIGH SCHOOL, for fuck's sake!

But while you are still using MEDICATED skin products, you shouldn't want to use ANTI-AGEING products too, surely?

But even though I am pretty sure I look young, I also believe that prevention is better than cure. So I guess I will have to start this rather contradictory skin routine and hope it keeps me looking as young as I feel.

Are you paranoid about ageing? Do you use anti-ageing products?


  1. I have to say it - it isn't the skin or the face that defines aging. It is whether you get an number of chronic afflictions like arthritis, etc. It is too much sun at the the wrong times, etc.

    Now with that being said, I can honestly say that most of the signs of aging don't seem to be face or skin related. It is in longer healing as fast and recovery times, soreness, and other such things.

    On another disappointing note, I went through life until my 40's never once having been carded (since I looked big and mean and old enough). And since then I get carded all the time and I have come to the conclusion that it is due a bunch of clerks that want to make my day.

    Good luck on your quest.

  2. I turn 30 this year... a bit panicked about it actually.
    I use anti-aging and skin clearing products... they're both in one. Almond and Apple products by L'Occitane... love them. My skin has been flawless for over a year... and I do not naturally have good skin. Miracle stuff!!

    Happy weekend!!

  3. Is turning an 'age' still a big deal then? Damn, i could have got some great neuroses out when i turned 30 two years ago.

    yeah i know Paula i don't look my age either and neither does Kate whose also over 30

    it's only a day older than you were when you were 29 so no biggie i say

    (i also do the anti-ageing and Clearasil thing, pain in the ass right)

  4. I'm not panicked about ageing, nor about anti-aging skincare.

    My skin went absolutely horrid while i was pregnant ( breakouts on my face, dry everywhere else )but now thats its calmed down its my regular nightly Neutrogena cleanse and moisturise routine....

  5. It's all just a number. I know at seventy when the autumn comes I will still kick piles of leaves and feel like a kid, even what I have a grand kid to that with.

  6. I've used anti-ageing night cream since I was 15 lol

  7. I turned 40 a couple of months ago and I *still* get carded at the liquor store once in a while. I've had to scrabble through my wallet, looking for that ancient liquor ID.

    How embarrassing is that?

    And then the guy looks at it and sees my 19 year old self looking back at him.

    "This doesn't look like you..."

    "That's because it was 20 years ago!!!"


    I try to be flattered, but...

  8. My skin started breaking out like crazy in the past year (age 27). I hate it! I haven't picked up any serious anti-aging creams yet but I've got some eye serum stuff.

  9. I think your beautiful in all your traveling shots & I'm actually shocked your 30 cuz you look really young!! Age is totally just number, it doesn't mean a thing. I have friends older & younger than me & I could care less how old htey are.

    I'm turning 25 in August & I've been paranoid about my laugh lines. I've been using the Perricone MD COld Plasma. If that night cream makes you feel good about urself girl use it, dont think twice & no one has to know! =)

  10. Hon 30's in the new 20's !! You are absolutely beautiful so I wouldn't worry about being 30.

  11. I'm 25, and I still have acne. Yuck. I thought it would go away when I was an adult, but now I'm thinking I'll still be fighting that when I'm old and wrinkly.

    I really should start using anti-wrinkle cream, for the same reasons you are trying it. But I feel like it would make my gross skin ever grosser. So for now, I'm much too paranoid to try.

  12. You don't look 30!! You know this - you don't think you need to worry about ageing! :)

  13. I'm twelve. I was born twelve and I'll probably die twelve. Age is a mental thing.

  14. Paranoid is an understatement. I will be turning 24 in September and I'm dreading the day. I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes! I don't want to get old :-( I know I will be one of those people who does whatever she can to stay young. I doubt I will age "gracefully" lol. Thnank goodness I still look like I'm 19 :-) That way when I turn 40, I'll look 30 haha

  15. I took 30 very hard. I took 40 even harder. I won't lie I don't want to turn 50 in 6 years but oh well, I don't want the alternative either (LOL) I will admit, I am now loving my FORTIES. There is something about the FORTIES. Anyways, that doesn't mean I want to look all old and stuff but sorry to say you need to throw away your clearsil stuff. You need to accept 30. YOu will actually damage you lovely skin. I use all Mary Kay products, every single one of the the anti aging stuff. I won't do Botox or Plastic Surgery but by golly I use all the creams but I do use the age appropriate. You skin changes with age and you can't use teenage stuff or it will dry out your face horribly and make it age quicker. Now, I am not saying you have to use Mary Kay but find age appropriate skin care and if you have acne find age appropriate skin care to handle it or you will damage your beautiful skin. Because from your pictures you look so young and beautiful and you want to keep that up, not make it worse by using the wrong products. Dove moisturizing soap is even better than clearsil!
    You clearly do not look 30 and using the right products will help you when you are 40 not look 40!!!

  16. 30? You look about 23. *Curses you* I can understand why you're paranoid though - I'm VERY paranoid as I'll be turning 26 this year. I'm soon to be starting on the anti-ageing stuff >.< Your skin looks perfect though *curses you*

  17. i'm 38 and really haven't aged a bit on the inside. i started using anti-aging cream in my teens and SWEAR by it. and yeah, i still have to use something to keep the zits away. i swear by the oil of olay products. and you can tell them i said that. :)

  18. I'm currently having this debate with myself.

    Should I be buying some Oil of Olay? Do I have deep-set wrinkles? Am I getting them?

    Then I see the price of the anti-aging creams and decide I'll wait a couple more years.

  19. Aw sweetie I don't think you even need to use anti-aging stuff! You're forever 25/26 - that was the agreement, remember? :P

    I couldn't give a fuck about wrinkles right now - my nightmare teenage skin (at 24, cheers God!) is what's bothering me lol


  20. My "anti-ageing" cream is Scotch Whisky.

    After a good session, I don't give a fuck about how old I look.........


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