Monday, 15 February 2010


So I'm not generally one for these "Hi, I'm happy" posts - it kinda goes my whole "glass not just half empty but nearly done" policy - but I've been in a fairly good mood of late.

And here's what's helping me along . . . :)

  • The Valentines card I received from a fellow blogger. It really made me smile when I came home yesterday to find it there. Thank you so much! :)

  • My awesome friends - especially my new bloggy friends from last week's trip to Manchester. Just wish you all lived closer so we could hang out more often. *sad face*
  • Got paid on Friday. Sometimes it absolutely ROCKS getting paid mid-month!
  • On top of that, was given 150 pounds randomly by my Granda. Yay!
  • I may have felt a bit obliged to do a seven hour overtime shift on Saturday but I'll be getting 150 pounds for that too. Not until next month's paypacket though. But every little helps. :)
  • My first long lie in two weeks this morning. It was AMAZING!
  • Apart from Zante in May, I have been developing various other holiday plans for the year in the past week or so. Possibly London in April (although I'm also liking the idea of Dublin). Belfast in August hopefully. And I'm also hoping to get away for the week of my 31st in October with my lovely Mum. If I could wake up on the 4th of October in a lovely warm climate, it would probably be OFFICIALLY the best birthday ever.
  • Met up with Amy-kins, one of my former flatmates who I haven't seen for a year - she moved back to Belfast in 2007. :( Me, her and Mich hung out, along with Amy's boyf, Chris, and had a FAB night. Drink, good food and silly conversation - what else can you ask for???
  • Saw Kelly Clarkson for the second time on Thursday (first saw her back on St Paddy's Day 2008) and even though I could barely see her for most of the gig (the curse of being a short ass), she still sounded AWESOME! And, in case any of the rest of you wanted to know (since Ben emailed me to ask), I didn't in fact pee my pants, even a little.
  • Yummy dinner on Friday with one of my besties. Awesome! Plus she didn't like the wine we got in the pub we went to afterwards so I got to drink pretty much all of it. Yippee!
  • Out with my sis and another of my besties at Reflex, the 80s pub, Saturday night. We got drunk and danced like idiots. Some of my favourite silly memories are from that place. Like the comedy slap I gave my friend V's male friend when he was acting like a fud. Or the time where V congratulated a guy on his realistic 80s look - turned out he wasn't dressing up, that was just his normal clothes. Anyway, twas a GREAT night. And didn't have a hangover this morning which made it even better!
  • Spent most of today hanging out myself, drifting through the interweb and imbibing rose wine. And buying things - a pretty dress from Miss Selfridge and then an equally pretty top from Joy, a website the lovely Miss *H pointed me in the direction of. All in all, it was a successful Valentines day! :)



  1. Its so nice to write down all the things that make us happy and get us through all of our rough patches! =D My weekend was awesome and The Latte and Gerber Daisies the BF gave me bright and early this morning made me smile all day!! Have a great week =)

  2. Aw sounds great. My weekend was super relaxing - lots of sleep! Plus the rugby!

  3. Weekend was awesome, mostly cause its a weekend. I watched some Olympics today and it didn't bore me. That made me smile.

  4. Yay for positivity!! Thanks for the nice comment on my Valentine's post... you may be interested to know that it made me follow things up a little bit, in a very positive sense. I spent a good part of the morning chatting online to most-recent-ex, which was good for both of us - and then this morning found The Italian Stallion on Facebook! And guess what? He's married. How about that for a brain fart. Glad you've had a good weekend :) x

  5. Sounds like a great weekend and I'm glad Kelly Clarkson was worth lack of sleep you were trying to desperately catch up on.

  6. Wooo so happy you had such a great week :) xXx

  7. *le sigh* what I wouldn't give for a mid-month payday!

  8. you are very positive :) I spent the weekend cleaning my house and catching up on blogs then had some friends over on sat night who ate all my food..not very eventful but then Mr W did me proud and brought me back a big bunch of flowers after he'd finished work on valentines day....there goes my cynicism about the whole valentines thing....(though it may just have been because he is hoping for a special 'present' on match 14th :) )

  9. I love this post. It's so nice to remember all the things - big and small - that make life good.

  10. How sweet that you got that card :)
    And it does sound, based on your list, that you have lots to be happy about :)

    happy Monday!!

  11. Your weekend sounds awesome. And I'm jealous about seeing Kelly Clarkson not once but twice.

  12. first time visitor i think i found you from life on a hanger but i could be confused

    happens often

    i have been poking around and saw your post about friends. i was in london around 10 years ago and it's a long story but i was very sad and even sadder b/c was so un-american and i was home sick and then


    there was FRIENDS

    and i have NEVER watched that show EVER in my life, but it was something from home and i watched it the rest of the time i was there

    aren't you glad you asked

  13. So. I just happened on your blog from another blog, and I just want to say that the title of your blog made my day.

  14. That card is TOO cute!

    Also, thanks for your comment on my blog. Really made my day!

  15. My weekend was filled with working so this is my version of the weekend. Its pretty relaxing although I am jealous of your 80s club.

  16. Awwww... that is a lot of things to smile and be happy about. I hope this week is just as happy. =)


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