Sunday, 14 February 2010


So here in the UK, it was announced last week that as of next year, Channel 4, the channel that shows "Friends", is going to end its contract with Warner Brothers for the rights to broadcast the show. Which means that my daily feast of two episodes of "Friends" played several times a day on E4 is going to come to an end as of 2011.

I know there has been mixed opinions on this - some think it wasn't that funny anyway, others think it has went on for long enough considering it ended six years ago, others are gutted.

I can see all sides but my tent is on the edge of the "gutted" camp. Because I STILL love "Friends".

I have watched pretty much every episode AT LEAST 100 times and still find it funny - even now that I know the punchlines before they come.

I basically grew up with the characters, albeit ten years behind them (It was weird that as I turned 25/26, the age they has been at the start of the show, they were mid-thirties and about to end the show).

I can pretty much remember the last time I found an episode I had somehow never saw before (it was mid 2007, and it was the episode where Ross and Emily first met. I'd been puzzled about that for years because as far as I was concerned, she'd just appeared in the show one day as Ross's girlfriend and I didn't understand where she'd came from!)

I have mentioned before that I think you can apply a "Friends" reference, storyline or one-liner to nearly everything that happens in day-to-day life. Well, I can anyway . . .

I can have endless discussions about my favourite character (Monica, although towards the end of the show Ross became utterly PRICELESS!), or my favourite episodes.

The thing is though that I DO own about eight out of ten of the seasons on DVD, so really it shouldn't be such a big deal to me if "Friends" stops broadcasting on TV. But me and one of my friends, who is just as big of a fan as me, were discussing this the other night. She also owns most of the show on dvd - but sometimes WE JUST DON'T FEEL LIKE PUTTING THE DVDS ON! In my case, if I have to watch a dvd, I have to get up and switch my SCART button so it flips from Freeview to DVD. If I am just watching TV and fancy a "Friends" fix right now, all I have to do is flip to one of the E4 channels and I can get a hit either right then, or in an hours time. Okay, so I'm lazy . . . but I can't help it. "Friends" is the show I can ALWAYS turn to when I'm bored, or just need a cheer-up.

I can console myself with the fact I'm unlikely to ever get stuck in a date's bathroom with a pair of leather trousers stuck halfway up my legs and a paste made of lotion and talcum powder adhered to the upper half of my legs.

I'm probably NOT going to kiss someone who has just interviewed me for a job (I'll wait until after I GET the job, obviously . . .)

I'm DEFINITELY NOT ever going to get stuck with my head between my new cleaner's legs.

And I don't think I'll ever go for a spray tan after witnessing Ross's attempt at it.

As for my favourite episodes - ooh, it's a close one. I have three.

"The One Where The Stripper Cries" - Season Ten

Not only is Danny DeVito in it as an unlikely stripper, Joey's hilarious appearance on "Pyramid" AND Chandler and Ross going to their old school reunion make it even funnier. I also love the shows where they have flashbacks (and NOT flashbacks from previous episodes) so the flashback to their college parties never fails to crack me up.

"The One With The Routine" - Season Six

Pretty much PURELY for the hilarious dance routine Ross and Monica do. Although it's also funny to watch Phoebe, Rachel and Chandler searching for their Christmas presents so they know what to buy Monica in return.

"The One With The Rumor" - Season Eight (Every part of the spelling/grammatical nazi in me is longing to add a "u" into the world "Rumour" but I'm seriously resisting since it IS an American show and should therefore be allowed the American spelling...)

Brad Pitt is in it (when he was still HOT. And still married to Jen). And Rachel finds out that in high school everyone thought she was half man, half woman.
Oh and Ross kissed an old woman. Hahaha.

ANYHOO, I will miss "Friends" even if everyone else won't, and I'm going to make the most of the rest of the year I have left of it. Then I'll go buy the rest of the DVDs I need to make up my collection and just turn to that I guess.

So I'm keen to know:

How do YOU feel about "Friends"? Favourite characters, episodes, quotes?

Share with me, people!


  1. I'm soo glad it's finished. I quite liked it when it first started and was on tele on a friday night when I was too young to go out but I hate that for the past few years it is on repeat constantly on channel 4 and e4 and I found myself having to turn over. It's just far too much and channel 4 have definitely had their moneys worth.

  2. I ADORE Friends. It's in my top 3 Tv shows and I also grew up with it.. but obviously didn't understand a lot of the jokes until I was in my mid-teens.
    Friends has been there through everything, and I can identify with all the characters in different ways.
    I have the whole boxset and honestly, it's one of the best gifts I've ever been given.

    I love it

  3. I love FRIENDS. I haven't seen every episode though... I need to fix that. Favorite episodes? The one where Ross whitens his teeth and they glow in the dark...

  4. I was never a fan of Friends. I remember in the 1990s, they use to run on TV, I never watched. I think we're around same age now and I started to watch just recently. I watched first 3 seasons in 2 weeks. First was so so, but then 2nd and 3rd are really good. I need to get the other 7, then I can give you more comments on this. I guess my fav character is Ross. Joey comes close to that, too :-)

  5. I feel the same as you. I could put a DVD on, but then I'd have to decide which season and which episode and I'd probably just watch the same few over and over, whereas on Channel 4, I'll often end up watching (and loving) episodes I wouldn't necessarily have chosen to watch. (Does that make any sense at all?!)

    Monica is my favourite character too. I would love her just for her "Nooooooooo!" when she rings Richard's ansaphone.

    I have three favourite episodes:

    The One With The Embryos. Which is the one with the quiz. And I *always* cry when Phoebe's pregnancy test is positive and they all hug. *sniffle*

    The One With The Chickenpox. So many separate, but brilliant, storylines in this one. There's Phoebe with Charlie Sheen, Monica trying to find out if Richard has a "thing" and Joey going to work for Chandler. Also contains one of my favourite exchanges:

    Chandler: All right, so I can't fire Joseph. But, uh... I can sleep with his wife!
    Joey: Karen!
    Chandler: Yeah, Karen. I'm thinking about having an affair with her. Oh, you know what? I just did.
    Joey: Huh? What the hell are you doing to me, man?
    Chandler: Oh, well, it's not me, it's my character, "Chandy." Yeah, the rogue processor who seduces his co-worker's wives for sport and then laughs about it the next day at the water cooler! In fact, I have her panties right there in my drawer!
    Joey: Really?
    Chandler: No, Freakshow! She's fictional!

    The One When Everyone Finds Out. Love, love, love this episode. Makes me laugh like a drain and then well up when Chandler says he loves Monica. *sob*

    Aw, now you've made me want to watch them! :)

  6. I never got hooked on Friends, but Phoebe and Joey are my favorites.

  7. Oh I completely agree I'll miss it too. Out of interest, what's with the three wrong tenses in that post?? :p Other than that I agree on all points. I think I've blogged a couple times how I'm very much a Monica and I use those E4 episodes as my relax mechanism too. And I don't have a single one on DVD. Not entirely sure what I'll do...

  8. I'm really going to miss it! I love being able to flick over to E4 and get my fix. I don't care if I turn over and it's half way through the episode, or how many times I've seen it before!

    I often find myself laughing at the jokes before they even come, because I remember them, but I like that. I like knowing that it's a show I'll always find funny.

  9. Hi P,

    I'm with you on this however don't be surprised to see another channel step in and buy the rights. I reckon Friends will be on our screens even after 2011 :)

  10. Steve, I read that Comedy Central has bought it. But I haven't got Comedy Central :(


    My best friend owns the 10 season box set, which is the only reason I don't, lol. We basically take turns with it.

    I'm watching them all in order right now and am somewhere in the middle of season 5. I always cry when Phoebe has her moment alone with the triplets right after they're born. Awww.

  12. I always cry at that bit too, Jaxie. Also in the prom video one when Rachel kisses Ross; when R & R split up and he gets down on his knees; when Chandler proposes to Monica. I even cry when Rachel's mum tells her, "You didn't marry your Barry, but I married mine."

  13. Thats tragic! How can they just STOP?! I am so happy I have it on 2 channels and I DVR them so whenever I need a pick me up I grab a latte and flip on an episode! I have the DVDs too but you're right its exhausting getting up putting them on and you dont get the random episodes like you do on TV! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Friends and I thinks its hilarious! =D My Favorite is when they go to meet Pheobes birth mom and rachel convinces ross' new GF to shave her head and then makes ross read a 50 page letter!! and he falls asleep lol. WE WERE ON A BREAK!!! ahahahahaha

  14. I'm going to miss the Friends reruns...always something to watch when there's nothing else on. Must have watched every episode about 100 times, but every now and then there'd be the odd one that I'd missed and that was so exciting :-)

    Watching the early ones always makes me nostlagic, as I was in my early 20s when the show started, so I grew older as the characters did.

    Probably favourite shows are when Monica and Chandler (my two fav characters) get together....especially the one in London for Ross' weddding.

    The Tanning booth with Ross ("I DO have a PhD!") always cracks me up too...

    I may just have to buy the box sets before they go out of production.

  15. Friends is good, but Frasier is better! :p

  16. I love friends too. I really like the one with the turkey on Joeys head. It makes me LMAO everytime.

  17. I love it. I dont own any of it on DVD ( basically because i've always found something i wanted MORE than i wanted " Friends " on DVD ) but when its on tv i'll always watch it.

    Favourite episode ? For the mushy side its gotta be the one where Ross and Rachel first get togther at Central Perk after closing; and i couldnt pin point a funny one cause there were just too many! Although Phoebe and Rachel running in the park was great and of course the whole " turkey on the head " running gag...

  18. I loved Friends, I was a wee bit too young when it first started coming on but the season 8 finale (The One Where Rachel Has The Baby Part 2) taught me about season finales and how you have to wait for the new episodes to come one (I was like 11 years old). And now I love watching it on late night. I'm not positive I've seen every episode, but it's still dang funny!

    I don't have a favorite episode though. :(

  19. I understand. Putting a DVD in is so much work & I am lazy like that!

    Friends is still on here several times a day on a couple of different networks especially late at night.

    My favorites are the ones where Rachel is featured predominantly as she was always my favorite. I liked when she was working as a personal shopper & was dating Joshua. That was probably my favorite season, too.

  20. Oh I LOVE friends so much!! I own all 10 seasons and have seen each episode multiple times!

    I find Chandler HILARIOUS, but really, all of the characters are great. And I totally agree Ross only gets better as the seasons go on!

  21. oh no!! They can't take away Friends!!! They play them on channels in the U.S. too. Hmm...maybe see if you can get the TV seasons real cheap online somewhere?!?! They are just too funny!!! I love Joey!!

  22. I love Friends and will so miss it, it is one of the few things I can watch over and over no matter how many times it is repeated.

    I think my fav character would have to be Ross

  23. I hate to admit but I haven't ever gotten into it. I was younger when it first started coming on & just have never started watching it! Maybe I should...

  24. I enjoyed Friends and we have bought our son the DVD's so we can watch them when he is home on break or borrow them AND in the United States you can find the show on many channels, I would say it is a LOVED show here.

    Drop by my blog for a special Valentine treat!

  25. Thanks for the warm welcome! And yes, Katie did turn out to be a sweetheart.

    As far as Friends go...before I discovered Scrubs and started associating myself with JD, Friends was my favorite show and everyone thought that I looked AND acted like Ross. He and I both even dated a lesbian. Ha! It's an amazing series and will be missed. :)

  26. Oh you clearly know how I feel about Friends! That is my go-to show. Boo and I fall asleep to Friends nearly every night.

    My favorite episodes...

    Obviously The One With The Routine--Boo and I almost did that for our first dance at our wedding haha!

    And I also love the episode where Chandler and Rachel find the cheesecake, as well as the one where Phoebe finds out about Chandler and Monica. Between Phoebe and Rachel and screaming in Ugly Naked Guy's apartment, the different schemes, and all of the "They don't know that we know they know we know" "And Joey, you can't tell them" "Even if I wanted to!"

    Loves it!

  27. I thought I had seen every Friends episode (over and over) but I have no memory of Joey being on Pyramid. That's hysterical! Thanks for sharing.

  28. OMG! I loooove Friends! I've been known to squeeze in a Friends reference whenever I can.

    Favorite? Hands down, Chandler Bing.

  29. There is so much that I agree with in this post.

    For instance - how good did Ross get towards the end?!?! One of my favourite episodes is when they have that meal at Ross' place when Joey and Rachel get together and he says everything is fine. Hilarious. AND I still laugh uproariously when he hits himself in the face trying to get his leather pants back up.

    AND. I have all the dvds too but it's so much easier to just put on the tv and have it there waiting for you rather than having the dilemma of what series to choose and getting it down and putting it in the dvd player.

    I couldn't understand why they were getting rid of it when it still pulls in 400,000 viewers but I little closer reading of the story reveals that they haven't dropped it to make way for new and exciting material but they actually lost the rights in a bidding war with Comedy Central.

    AND I totally know what you mean about relating every day life to Friends (something you can also do with Sex and the City I've discovered).

    Ok. I feel this comment is sufficiently long enough now.

  30. I love Friends so much!! When I was in college we didn't have cable, but i had friends on dvd... so for an entire year that is literally all i watched!!

  31. WHO doesn't love friends?? I mean, who ever they are there has to be somehting wrong with them! :) Such a great show, I get why you fell a bit sad. You need to buy the seasons on dvd, who know maybe another episode you never seen will appear? :) My favorite episode is the one "fuagi" or what it's called.. when Ross tries to show Pheobe and Rachel how there self defence class doesn't make them ready for an attack! So funny!!Or the dance routine.. season six is the best :)

  32. I LOVE Friends. I, too, didn't understand a lot of their jokes in my mid teens...but aah, how addictive it got.
    I love the episodes where Mon and Chandler get married. :)


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