Friday, 15 January 2010


So let me begin Friday by asking a question: If you use the loo in work, do you lock your cubicle??? Makes sense, right?

Just wondering because when I popped into the toilet on my way out this afternoon, I walked in on some girl who had FAILED to lock the toilet cubicle she was hanging out in. Nice. She was standing up, so not ENTIRELY sure what she was doing, but I wasn't happy at all because the very act of walking into an already occupied cubicle is embarrassing and I hate to be embarrassed. Particularly since it was HER fault she hadn't locked the door.

In addition, it was just lucky I didn't THROW the door open the way I usually do, because she would more than likely have been knocked unconscious by the force of it.

(Therefore ANOTHER reason to lock the door, APART from for reasons of public decency...)

ANYHOO . . .

I was lucky enough to get paid today so decided a bit of retail therapy was on the cards after work. So, trying to put the toilet trauma behind me, I headed into the city centre.

Where I quickly remembered The Rule of Shopping - YOU ONLY EVER FIND STUFF YOU LIKE WHEN YOU HAVE NO MONEY!!! (At least it is The Rule of Shopping to me. Therefore retail therapy doesn't really work, I'm afraid.) However, just as I was about to give up and go home, empty handed, I struck gold in my final two shops...

So here are my purchases. What do you think?

I love me some quirky hair accessories and these fit the bill precisely . . .

I love this hair clip too, but I can't help but wonder . . . does it look like an emerald-encrusted spider has set up camp in my hair? (Oh screw it, I love it anyway!)

Who can resist a Mickey and Minnie top? I didn't even know it was something I had to HAVE until I spotted it. Then I could think of nothing else! The rock chick top behind it is pretty cute too, but it's outshone by M & M, for sure!

Some pretty bling for me! I particularly love the sparkly bow necklace. Even the shop assistant commented on how pretty it was...

Leather gloves. Aren't they gorge. And I was fully planning to pay the full price of 22 pounds sterling for them - but when I got up to the check out, I discovered that they were in fact reduced to a mere six pounds! SIX POUNDS!!! GENUINE LEATHER GLOVES!!! SO PRETTY!!!

Perhaps for once retail therapy actually DID work for me???


  1. I love retail therapy and those gloves are FIERCE. I wish it's cold over here too so I can wear leather gloves without sweating. :p

    And I love the blings!

  2. You got some great stuff! I love those gloves! What a fantastic steal! :)

  3. I think it's a pretty universal shopping law that you only ever see things you really really want when you don't have the money to buy them.

    Looks like you found some gorgeous stuff though!

  4. Wow! You found all this in Glasgow? I'm gonna need to know where?!!! Were you in H&M?

    I'm heading into town tomorrow for some retail therapy. I need to know where you got those gloves!

  5. Firstly, why wouldn't you lock the door?! Secondly, hurrah for getting paid, I have another 2 weeks! Thirdly, NICE gloves, yes it does look like a jewel encrusted spider but it's still cute and lastly, I totally agree that usually I can never find anything nice when I try retail therapy!

  6. I have no idea why you wouldn't lock the door - maybe she wanted to be caught? (Which links quite nicely to your TMI Thursday post!)

    I double and triple check the lock on the door when I'm in there, purely because someone, nearly every time I'm in there, walks up, fails to see that it's engaged and furiously rattles the handle as they try to force entry. It's a good job I'm actually on the toilet when that happens because it doesn't half scare the bejesus out of me.

    Excellent shopping trip - very impressed with the bargainous leather gloves. And since you were going to buy them at £22 and only spent £6 then that means you have £16 left to spend somewhere else!

  7. You have such classic taste :)

    I love the hair accessories!

  8. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    I had to read your post twice because of the language barrier! It's so interesting to know that cubicle there = bathroom stall here.

    Really like those hair clips!

  9. I sometimes don't close the bathroom stall at work if I'm just going in to grab toilet paper and blow my nose. I never thought of the possibility of someone throwing open the door, though. Yikes!

    Also, dying of envy over those great gloves.

  10. It never fails me that when I desperately need to find something I never can. Then when I am just browsing I find so many great items and over spend! This pregnancy has really put a damper on my shopping. Wade would say that is a good thing. But it's depressing to me. :(

  11. Retail therapy is my favorite! And, I love the hair clips and the bow necklace!

  12. Ooh, I totally wanna shop where you do! up in Abdn it's a choice between H&M and Claire's. As much as I love them both, there's no way of looking "individual". Well, that is until I pop down to your neck of the woods and spend all my savings.. :D

    And the locking the toilet door issue? I'm weird/perverted in that way that I just don't like closing the door, never mind locking it. Obviously when I'm not alone at home or work I WILL make sure it's all locked seen as I just really don't want anyone to catch me with my knickers around my ankles. BUT I'm lucky enough to spend a lot of time on my lonesome so I do my business with the door open. Woop Woop!

    But yeah, I hate walking in on people. Working at my other job in a nightclub, I have to do a toilet check every couple of hours, making sure the toilets are clean and there's toilet roll etc. which obviously requires me to pop into the cubicles to check what's going on. The amount of times I've walked in on "ladies" with their goods all out in the open, burbing and farting with the door wide open. Eugh!


  13. Totally their fault for not locking! Unless it was a faulty lock, which happens quite often.

    You did good girl on the shopping!! I love the hair clips!!! I'm all about hair accessories lately! And I'm about to go to some retail therapy myself.

  14. I love those first hair clips. And those gloves! What a steal!

  15. Retail therapy is the best, but my credit card doesnt always agree.

  16. Love the bling!

    And WTF is wrong w/ppl who don't lock the door?? I've wondered this my whole life!

  17. Always have to have a pair of leather gloves.

    Retail therapy for me just happens. I get home and go *oh no....* through spending too much and go to the pub to forget about spending all that money by... spending more money.

  18. I love the hair clips,, and I have the mickey and minnie shirt.. so of course I love it..

  19. love your purchases. i wish i knew how much 6pounds was :)

  20. She's probably just an exhibitionist. If a toilet cubicle lock is ever broken I'm quite lucky since my arms and /or legs are long enough to just stretch out and hold the door shut. And yelling 'OCCUPADO!' when some eejit still tries to get it.

    Yelling at someone in a foreign language will always fluster them more, it's brilliant >:) mwahahaha!

  21. Those hair accessories are gorgeous! I really need to get more stuff. :( And you are spot on - funny how we only want stuff when we're broke!

  22. Oh and with regards to the toilet cubicle - HATE THIS! Do you remember in school if the cubicle doors were broken (always were in my school) and you'd get a friend to 'hold the door?' Classic.

  23. Love those gloves, they are so cute!

  24. Just wondering because when I popped into the toilet on my way out this afternoon, I walked in on some girl who had FAILED to lock the toilet cubicle she was hanging out in.

  25. It sounds really interesting. It is beautiful, especially the hair clip. I love blue! The jewelry looks like childish but it's a brilliant idea to wear this with your mickey shirt.


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