Saturday, 30 January 2010


While I was whining to one of my team-mates about the thievery of my Molton Brown bubble bath, he told me a story I feel I should share. Because it cracked me up.

My colleague's wife used to live in a flatshare. She was a little convinced that the flatmate used her stuff when she wasn't in the flat. But had no proof. One day she realised her straighteners weren't there.

(If you are not a girl, you need to pause and think here. THIS IS A BIG DEAL. Girls NEED their straighteners. If we were on a desert island, we would want our straighteners. AND electricity obviously.)

She checked her flatmate's room. Surprise surprise, they were there! She used them and went wherever she was going.

Later on, she saw her flatmate. "Did you borrow my straighteners?" she asked.

The flatmate denied it. (I'm assuming she thought she had replaced the straighteners.)

"But . . ." my colleagues wife said "I found them in your room earlier."

NOW . . . isn't this the point when you realise "Shit, I'm rumbled, I'd better just admit the truth."???

You'd THINK, right?

INSTEAD, the flatmate went "What??? Well . . . I TOLD you this place was haunted!"

What a defence!!!

After that story and all the comments on my previous post, I know I'm not the only one who experiences this crap flatsharing shite. And that makes me happy.

(Not cos I want everyone to be unhappy! Just cos I don't wanna be the only one!)

I read a book a few years ago called "I Lick My Cheese: And Other Notes from the Frontline of Flat-Sharing". It was brilliant. I think many of you who commented on the last post need to check it out - I think you'll appreciate it as much as I did.

In other news . . .

I had a day off today therefore ran into my landlord - I don't see him often these days - and he told me one of my flatmates is moving out tomorrow. Of course, it is one of the few flatmates that I LIKE! (Why would the ANNOYING ones move out, after all!) I'm a bit hurt she never told me, and it's a shame because she was really nice but . . . oh well.

My highlight of yesterday was discovering that the DJ I listened to every weeknight as a child was following me on Twitter. It doesn't sound like a big deal to anyone else, but this dude is like an INSTITUTION where I grew up - we ALL listened to his show. And he added me first! And then he tweeted me! He might have tweeted about five million other people too, but I still felt honoured! (AND he drinks rose wine!)

And in other news . . . Alex Reid (non-celebrity boyfriend of Katie Price aka Jordan) won Celeb BB. Dane Bowers (Jordan's ex from YEARS ago!) came second. I might not like his taste in women, but I like his work . . .

I'm sure that song was aimed at Jordan . . . the girl in the video even LOOKED like her! Hahaha!

And yes, that IS David Beckham's wife aka Posh Spice singing with him, for you non-Brits . . .

So . . . what did you think of the Celeb BB result? And, if you aren't in the UK, share something else! What you up to this weekend? Or . . . share whatever you like! (If you're at a loss, comment on the whole "oooh, it must be a ghost" story. Just remember - I like comments!)


  1. Sorry about losing the good roommate! :(

  2. I have a really expensive Chi straigtener so I would LOSE IT!

    My roommate my first year of college was HORRID. She wrote on my whiteboard on my door "Please flush the toilet when you're done". Like WTF!!! Oh, and she wrote it on a long weekend when she KNEW I was gone home and it would sit there all weekend for everyone that was coming over to see. I was pissed.

  3. She said the place's haunted? THE NERVE. Wonder what your colleague's wife said afterward. I'm sorry your good flatmate moves out, maybe she can't stand the annoying ones too.

    Ps. Who is this celebrity who follows you? I always like it to see celebrities being down to earth and talk to us people.:)

  4. Haha I definitely like the idea of licking my cheese... I know you and I have some similar thoughts on THAT particular dairy product...

    As for CBB, I only watched some of it, and really liked Vinnie to start with - but by the end I was sick of his arrogance. I'm glad Dane and Alex came above him. Would have preferred Dane to win (after all, how smug is Jordan gonna be now??? I hope he dumps her... TRAMP!) or the lovely Steph.

  5. I love the licking cheese-booky-thing! It's been ages since I read it but now I've just bought it to read again.. Wanna know what will make you feel better about your flatmates? Go to

    it's cringe-worthy!

    On to CBB now.. I never really watched it regularly, only at times when I'd come home from work and it was on.. But I ended up realising that I quite liked Alex Reid. He wasn't as much of a douche as I thought he'd be AND he's actually quite hot! Espesh when nakkkkeeed! :)

    But my meh-attitude towards CBB started because it's the last one. And I thought that since it was the last one, they'd at least get some proper celebrities in. you know, ones that have actually done something constructive in the last 5 years or so? Not some random laundrette-owner from hillbilly-land. (and yes, I do know she was a lot more than that. But I DON'T CARE!)


  6. I read the 'I lick my cheese' book, brilliant! :)

    If someone took my straightners, I would actually lose it, they are, after all, limited edition pink GHD's that were made to support breast cancer care ;)

    I really do not miss flatsharing.

  7. "Lick my cheese" LMAO! Just stumbled across your blog and adore it! New follower and just wanted to say hi! Happy Saturday.

  8. HAHAHAHA..."haunted".
    that's one for the books! oh man!

  9. What?! Are you kidding me? A ghost? I would have probably said, "oh, must be the wind".

    That's a smarter lie.

  10. Haunted? HAHAHA. I don't know what cracks me up more, the absurdity of the lie itself or the mental image I have right now of a GHD-toting ghost. 'Oooh, they didn't have these in my day!'

    I don't watch CBB so can't give me opinion on that, Jordan creeps me the hell out. :P

  11. My sister bought me that book! It had me crying with laughter and nodding in that knowing fashion.

  12. I clearly need to purchase that book.


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