Sunday, 10 January 2010


I was lying in bed this morning with one of those hangovers where you have a thudding headache and want to sleep but can't. All you can do is lie there and think. So for some unknown reason I started thinking about inventions - the things I'm really glad WERE invented. If they HADN'T been invented, I probably wouldn't miss them. But now if they disappeared overnight . . . boy, would I notice!

So here's my list:

Rose wine - what would I be without that? (SOBER, presumably . . .)

Microwave - I prefer to use the oven to cook things but find the microwave ideal for defrosting stuff quickly. I can't leave something out all day to defrost because if I do, I tend to find I don't actually WANT whatever I've defrosted by the time I get home. How the heck am I SUPPOSED to know what I want to eat ten hours later?

GHD straighteners - actually mine aren't GHDs, they're imitation ones which aren't quite as good. But without them, my naturally wavy hair would be a giant frizzy birds nest, so if they vanished out of my life . . . I would exactly be the prettiest of pictures, put it that way!

Television - how would we watch DVDs, play computer games, or simply catch up on the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother if that didn't exist. Plus who would we drool over - no television means fewer actors after all . . .

Contact lenses - since I've been short sighted since I was about seven or eight and have an aversion to wearing glasses, I'd be walking around in a blur right now if these hadn't been invented!

MP3 Players - since I got my Sony Walkman, I hardly actually buy CDs anymore, which saves me some money! It's weird to think that when I was a kid it was CDs that were the latest thing and my friends in school were still buying records and transferring them onto cassette tape for me - our ideal present for Christmas were blank cassette tapes so we could record our favourite songs from the Top 40 off the radio! And now you can just decide on a tune you like, find it online and instantly download it! Did I think that would be possible 20 years ago? No I did not!

The Internet - a random question pops into my head and straight away I'm on google - instant gratification as I can get the answer straight away.

Diet Irn Bru - without it, I would be thirsty a lot.

So there's my list. Obviously there's more obvious things, like the kitchen sink, or the toilet or . . . DOORS, I suppose (otherwise I'd either have a gaping hole in my room, be stuck here forever, or having to enter and exit through my first floor window) but this is more about "luxury items" than anything else.

What inventions are YOU most thankful for?


  1. Great list. I LOVE How I Met Your Mother!
    Here's my list:

    Tequila-without it, I would have far less interesting stories to tell.

    Karaoke-without it there would be far less opportunities for me to make a fool of myself

    Jason Segel- Ok, not really an invention but I just want to be friends with him because he's awesome.

    Costume jewelry-how else would I look super awesome and retro?

    There are more but I'll not leave a ridiculously long comment on your blog haha :)

  2. I love this blog post! I agree with everything, except contacts because I don't wear them and I'm not sure what Irn Bru is? lol.. I just started following your blog!

    I'm thankful for your mentioned items, cars, diet soda, and hair dryers. There are many more things but it might take a while to list.

    Have a great day! :)

  3. 1. Cars. I realize they are one of the main global issues, but without mine I wouldn't be seeing the amazing guy I'm with now.

    2. Ceiling Fans. I cannot sleep without it.

    3. Hulu because I don't have cable.

    4. The hot water heater. God I love hot showers.


  4. Cell phones, remote starters, digital camera's, air planes and internet.

  5. Ah, another good Scottish girl addicted to the 'bru. Love that. Love this post. You're so right. I'll only add - telephones :)

  6. My straightener, definitely. I don't have a GHD, but I've had a couple other professional ones, and I could never give them up. I swear they've changed my life!

  7. I'm with you on GHDs, contact lenses, MP3 players and the Internet. :) Life would SUCK without those!!

  8. You are coming up with some great posts lately P!

    Car - Without it we'd have to still ride horses and they make me sneeze.

    Guitars - Without them AC/DC would sound crap and Slash would never have been Slash

    The internet - Too many reasons to list but in particular being able to Google anything and become an instant expert!

    Beds - how crap would it be having to sleep on the floor?

    Money - Imagine if we had no accepted medium of exchange. We'd have to still barter. Imagine asking how much change we could get from a goat if we wanted some bread. Mad!

  9. Haha love the list! I second you on straighteners - how would we live without them? Frizzy, I guess.

    My fav invention are Lysol wipes. I hate cleaning, and those things are definitely for lazy slackers like me. Paper towel plus Lysol in one! Hurrah!

  10. Erm,

    Id have...

    Irn Bru - the real stuff tho, no diet rubbish for me.

    Coffee - i really would miss it if i couldn't have a coffee in the mornings.

    Smart phones - i love a gadget me, getting an iphone in 2 weeks, very excited!

    There are loads more. Great post!

  11. I can't wait to see the HIMYM 100th episode/musical. It'll be legendary.

    I'm grateful for cell phones, remote controls, DVRs, GPS, and drive-through windows.

  12. Great post topic! I havent had as long as you to think about it, but here's a few i cam up with:
    THONGS - and by thongs, i mean flip-flops, not underwear. I couldnt cope with summer in Australia without a comfy pair of thongs...

    EMAIL - i like receiving old fashioned snail mail, but email is just so much more convenient.

    PEANUT BUTTER - so simple, yet so awesome. I had such huge peanut butter cravings the four days i was in hospital that the first meal i ate when i got home was multigrain toast with gorgeous, gooey, thickly spread peanut butter...

  13. Great least, comp you fully!

    My personal top 5 would be

    1. mobile phones. And via that, blackberries and other smartphones.

    2. T'internet. Connects us in so many ways. Without it I'd be lacking so many experiences and finding info would be so much harder!

    3. Music. Whoever was the first one to slap their hands together and make random grunty sounds for fun, was a GENIUS!

    4. Tequila. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor. Need I say more?

    5. Salmiac. You have to be Finnish to really appreciate this sweetie. But oh gosh, it's amazing!


  14. My parents own a cottage up in the Northern part of our state. For quite some time, they did not have a microwave up there. And I realized how much I rely on the microwave. So yes... I am very thankful for that. And for cars, crock pots, any type of technology, Yankee Candles, and panini grills.

  15. Ooo good question! I couldn't live without the Internet either (ZOMG HOW COULD WE LIVE?!). Also makeup (lipstick and mascara mainly!) A kettle (tea and coffee!), toothpaste, music, Mp3 players as you suggested.

    As glamorous as it may seem to head back a few hundred years in time, can you imagine how we'd get by without our mod-cons? They didn't even have Tampax for Chrissakes. TAMPAX. Yeuch. Am grateful for all the small things! Hehe.

  16. Omg if there wasn't hair straighteners...I don't know what I would do. I'd be ironing my hair with the board & the steam iron everyday. lol. =)

    Hey girl thank you for the comment on friday it was so nice of you. It meant alot that everyone was just so nice & commenting. It made me feel better. *Hugs*

    I hope your having a great weekend!! =)

  17. loving your blog :) I am def thankful for the invention of planes because I travel a lot between the UK and Eire to see my family and friends :) happy new year to you :) !

  18. Hello contact lenses and hair straighteners.

    I could kiss the feet of the person who made my life so much easier with the help of a hair straightener.

  19. Ahhh yes! The old weekly taping of Top 40 - standing with you're finger over the pause button so you could cut out the dickhead with the ridiculously deep jock voice (or a shitty song - like Michael Bolton).

    I'd be lost without the invention of:

    - not neccessarily in that order!

  20. Luxurious items...yes! Precisely the best inventions of all, I am reading your blog through my new acquisition! My itouch! I really can't believe it yet :)

  21. I'm 90% sure I couldn't live without my straightener too. When I went to America, my imitation GHD didn't co-operate with the different voltage, so I had bad hair for five weeks. It was terrible.

  22. I WOULD DIE without internet. Okay, that exaggerates much but I'm overly used to it. I can't imagine my life without it.

  23. Great list. I know I'd be lost without: Wikipedia; iPhone; printing press; Fresca; mattress pads (all the easier to dress up a cheap friggin' mattress).

  24. fully agree with mp3's and internet...

    air conditioning/washing machine/dryer... when i lived in hawaii i was a.c.-less, it was awful trying to sleep with only a fan blowing on you...

  25. Internet! Yes I am incredibly sad but I just love being able to check something on Wikipedia, and hope that some knob hasn't altered an entry so it's horrendously false.


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