Tuesday, 26 January 2010


When did I last do an edition of Cheer-Me-Up Tuesday? I can't even remember but I figured one was long overdue. (I know it's not Tuesday in everyone's world yet, but it already is in some of the world, including my part of it, so . . . THERE!!! Na-na-nana-NA!)

Sorry. Think I'm in a bit of an immature mood today. I'm sleepy, maybe that's why.

Anyway, for the uninitiated, I started CMU Tuesday two years ago because Tuesday is my least favourite day of the week, and I tend to need cheering up more than usual on that particular day. I don't ask anyone to participate (unless you want to!) although I always welcome comments (as comments ALWAYS cheer me up, hint hint) and if you have any links you think might help make me smile, I always appreciate if you share them with me. So . . .

I thought I would share some videos. They may be new to you, you may have seen them before but . . . it'll be fun anyway. Agreed?

Let's start off with some Weird Al stuff . . .

And now one of my favourite scenes from one of my favourite shows:

And from "Spoons" . . .

and another . . .

Hope there was at least one clip you liked in there. And if you have anything to cheer ME up (videos, jokes, pictures!), let me know! ;) I'm anticipating a tough day today (got a LOT to do) and coming home to lots of things to make me laugh is undoubtedly going to be a real treat . . .

(PS Thanks to all of you who voted for me yesterday. I love you. :) If anyone else cares to do so, please pop by here and do the honours...)


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  2. I voted for you :)

    Here is something I saw on tv and I thought it was really funny. I have a dumb sense of humor though so sorry if you don't think so lol..

    Go watch this video. It's of a man who sleep talks and his wife records him. She even blogs about it.

    Here's the link to the video:

    Hope you like it!

  3. P.S - if the video doesn't pop up, just use the scroll bar on the left and click on the video called "viral pillow talk makes man web star"

  4. Aaahh, I love Weird Al! Total guilty pleasure! And it may be more bittersweet than a cheer-up, but if you want to check out a pretty dang great blog, I am never let down by: http://dearoldlove.tumblr.com

  5. Ummm I'm looking up this "Spoons show right now. Great videos girl!! You made my night, I was having quite a bad one and I needed a laugh!

  6. omg those cracked me up, especially the "truth snake"! I don't know how to link things in the comments, but I have loads of youtube funnies I will email you!

    Hope the day isn't too brutal!

  7. Someone beat me to it: I was going to suggest the Sleep Talkin' Man blog. Hilarious.

    One of my favourites when I'm feeling a bit grumpy is failblog. If that doesn't work I can always go and look at the lolcats on the same site. If cute kittys looking silly won't make me smile nothing will!

  8. If adorable works than check out the lemur - yes, a lemur - in this video.


    I hope your day goes better than expected!

  9. Oh, I *love* Coupling, one of the best comedy programmes to come out of the UK for decades. I aspire to writing a comedy as well-timed as that.

  10. OMFG 'Jerry Springer' is one of my favourites! Thanks for making me giggle.


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