Sunday, 31 January 2010


I was watching "The Holiday" last night, which is what inspired this post.

If you haven't watched this film (or heard of it), it's about two women (played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz) who effectively trade lives for two weeks.

And so it made me think about what blogger I would like to trade lives with.

I didn't have to think about this answer too hard:

It would HAVE to be Chele.


  • She's GORGEOUS
  • She's hilarious
  • She has had such a fascinating life, met tons of famous people, been part of a girl group, a MTV VJ, a model, a DJ, she's been all over the world . . . could I BE any more jealous? Yet despite all this, she seems totally grounded.
  • She lives somewhere MUCH warmer than Scotland
  • She has a fantastic social life
  • Her boyfriend is HOT!
Enough reasons for ya?

(DISCLAIMER: Don't worry Chele. I am not planning on going all "Single White Female" on your ass. Honest! I can't really WALK in stilettos for a start, let alone use them as weapons . . .)

So, I pose the question . . .

Which blogger would YOU like to switch lives with for two weeks?


  1. I'd want to switch life with Gracie from
    She lives in Australia where it is always hot and many beaches and I love the accent. She also just got married and bought a house. I'd love to live all that excitement. :)
    But just for 2 weeks ;)

  2. I need to see this chick immediately. I am in need of a new girl crush

  3. I'm going to be lame and say someone with a better wardrobe. I would rob them blind.

  4. Chele is lovely! As for swapping? I think I'd be you, P. You're beautiful and I'd love to get revenge on your flatmates for ya.

  5. I think i'd wana be you P - you seem to have a great social life and i know you have cute clothes and accessories! But if i'm you that means you'd have to be me - you know, and be responsible for a 5 week old baby!

  6. Oh my wouldn't that be completely and utterly awesome??? I'm not sure who I would trade with, its too hard to pick just one. This would be an amazing idea. =)

    I'll pick a blogger who's brother looks like Jude Law ;).

  7. oh wow! what a fab question.....and such a tough one to answer!!!

    i honestly don't know! an international blogger. perhaps one living in paris! know anyone?? lol

    and i love that movie!

  8. Not that kind of girl from because she does all the awesome bizarre things I'm scared to do and she's hilarious.

  9. kerri from yourwishcake. Because I think she's the sweetest thing ever, and I could learn a lot from her.
    Plus she lives near DisneyLand.

  10. Ha I get blog envy ALL THE TIME. And it would be hard for me to pick one person because I have envied all the blogs I read at one point or another. That's the danger with the blogging, you get so wrapped up in other people's lives that you start to think "Woah. Am I amazingly boring here? I never do anything!"

    So I guess I'd swap with anyone - they all seem much more interesting than me!

  11. Probably Lilu, people love her and she's amazing and such :)

    ps. girlie,this Wednesday ( Feb 3rd ), Project Barbie is due. Hope you get your picture all pretty in pink posted by then. You're joining right? I hope you do. Let me know!:) I wanna post everyone's pictures together.

  12. Chele for sure....everything she does just seems amazing. Damn it!

  13. Oh wow, what a good question...i'll have to think about this and get back to you. :)

  14. That's a great question, P! Hmmmm. Maybe Jen Lancaster because she has tons of crazy animals, is a fab author, and is hilarious. Maybe some of it would rub off on me?

  15. I would switch with someone who lived in NYC and was extremely wealthy that also had a beach house! =) That way I could live in my fav city and be close to family and friends.

  16. aww Thank you P.
    I wont lie, my social life is pretty fun.

    I love the holiday, great movie.
    To be honest I would love to live in Scotland for a week, trading places. I already found my British man now I need the English country side cottage.

    If I could trade places it would be Rumi on Fashiontoast, she always has great clothes and shoes and seems to just get free clothes and snap them to post them on her blog.
    I hate her....


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