Saturday, 9 January 2010



I have no intention of leaving the flat again until Monday when duty calls and I have to go back to the office and admin my ass off. Especially since it snowed again between me getting home at 10:30pm last night and me going to bed at approximately 2.30pm . . .

So I've assembled myself some necessities:

  • tons of junk food. I has pizza (a FEW pizzas in fact). A random tex-mex selection from Asda complete with dip. Chocolate still left over from Christmas.
  • Diet Irn Bru AND Diet Pepsi. Cos I may be on a I'm-holed-up-in-minus-temperatures binge but that doesn't mean I can't still PRETEND that I'm on a diet.
  • Rose wine. 1 bottle of fizzy and one of not-so-fizzy. It will do me. I don't intend to drink tomorrow.
  • Numerous dvds I haven't watched. And numerous ones I HAVE watched. Five million times over. More likely than not, I'll end up watching the latter...
  • Tons of books. A girl can NEVER have too much reading material. (Plus I've just opened a package I assumed only had ONE book in it to discover it actually had THREE in there. So that's on top of the 20 at least books I still have to read that are sitting around me.
  • Comfy pyjamas.
  • Heating on continuous. (Our landlord will probably KILL us but hey, our rent includes gas and elec all year around - and in summer do we NEED gas? Er - no. It all breaks even in the end).
  • Electric blanket switched on
  • Tons of scented candles - they not only make a room SMELL nice, they also heat it up. Result!
  • The internet. As long as I have my netbook (and my worn out laptop, just in case) life is good. I will need to dedicate part of my day tomorrow to downloading some tracks I'm enjoying.

Weirdly, much as I love Nelly Furtado, I actually prefer the extended version without her (it's on Timbaland's official website). And anyone else think SoShy looks very like Angelina "Man-Stealer-Extraordinaire" Jolie? (She even has the tattooed thing going on...)

So cheesy but also a great song all the same. And is it just me that thinks Katy Perry is absolutely stunning? If I looked like her (and didn't have to shag Russell Brand) I would be happy.

And this one will prove I can admit when I'm wrong...

Two years ago on my previous blog I slagged this song off, and the British public, for making it number one. Now I can appreciate its appeal - in a cheesy "Oh my god" way. And also I kinda want Jonas aka Basshunter to do well in Celebrity Big Brother, As long as he doesn't end up shagging Ronnie Wood's 21 year old ex girlfriend, who had the personality of a packet of white rice.

Did I mention I like cheesy music? I LOVE this song big time!

ANYWAY . . . when you decide you want to spend a few days hiding away . . . for whatever reason . . . what are YOUR essential items?


  1. You know, I was just gonna post about not leaving the house all weekend!!! Your post has made me realise I may need to go out though, to stock up! Anyways, here is my list:

    Bacon, eggs, tottie scones (can you tell I've not had breakfast yet?)
    Pringles, Olives, Red Wine, Beer, some freshly ground coffee, and some M&S biscuits?!
    New cozy house coat, slippers, jammies, and lecky blanket! I plan on watching a couple of series of Shameless today (still in love with Mr James McAvoy!)
    I may also need some more food - maybe a 50 piece chinese platter?

    I'm not looking for much, am I?!!!!

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  2. Things I cannot do without:

    My slanket and slippers (yes I am an old woman)
    Bacon, crisps, cheese, pizza
    Sex and the City DVDs
    Gin, red wine, pear cider

    I have a huge girl crush on Katy Perry so no, you're not alone! x

  3. Love your list of essentials!

    Friday night is usually Pizza-delivery night which we scoff while we prep for the podcast. Thankfully - despite the snow - Dominos Pizza came through. Yay! I feel like comfort food for tonight too though...

  4. sweats
    my laptop
    a good chick flick or some chick lit!

  5. I don't blame you! I've stayed inside the past 2 days! My essentials include my computer and book/movies!

  6. Haha, yes the shiny things are quiet distracting! Thanks for the comment!

    Love the post! We had a tiny little bit of snow over here in ATL, GA and the roads froze over so we were stuck inside with: a huge puzzle to complete (we've been working for weeks and it's still not finished), Julie and Julia (the movie), lots and lots of Chardonnay (thank god we had stocked up on that), and plenty of sorbet (as if we didn't consume enough calories over the holidays) so it turned out to be an OK imprisonment.

    I almost died laughing when you mentioned Irn Bru! I remember that from when I went to Edinburgh this summer! Great stuff.

  7. lols... Sounds like you are all set! But basshunter? I have to admitt I like taht song to, q guilty pleasure! That girl in the vidio is actually a norwegian/iranian x-pornstar, nemed aylar so the vidio got a lot of attention over here:)

  8. As ALH mentioned above, the southern US got some cold cold COLD weather for the weekend (not fair) so we're all packed into our covers and trying to stay warm!

    I must have a computer (preferably mine, but it's still in the shop), a book or two, hot tea, coffee, a few good movies, B if it's possible, and the quilt my gran made for me when I was 2. Oh and socks. Cold feet are so annoying!!!

    Hope you stay warm! :D

  9. I don't blame you! It's flippin cold outside! Anything below zero is NOT a temperature! :)

  10. Central heating AND the fire
    Bottle of either Amaretto/jagermeister/case of Magners
    TV remote
    Minstrels/Peanut M&Ms
    Penelope Cruz

    Not necessarily in that order

  11. Sounds like you're all set. We have the exact same staying-in necessities.

    I could NOT live without my electric blanket.

  12. That was like a checklist for me hehe!

    Timbaland looks a bit of a joker in his video. The girl does have a striking resemblance to a certain Ms Jolie I must agree.

    Jonas aka Basshunter is my secret crush so far of 2009..damn not so secret anymore :P

  13. I was going to post about this too! I imagine you have the snow worse than we have it here, and even HERE people are talking as though the world is ending. Thank God I booked a few days off work -TIMING! Now to NOT GO OUT. About to go and put on some comfy pyamas myself :)

  14. I'm pretty much hiding today too! It's FRIGID out there.

    I'm currently snuggled in an arm chair, watching Full House dvds and drinking a malibu bay breeze...heaven.

    Thanks for the comment about the books I've read. I do love my chick lit! It's so crazy that Sophie Kinsella and Gemma Townley are sisters...lots of talent in that fam. I'm going to check out some of the authors you mentioned..check out my book blog if you want to see other books I've read :)

  15. only essential item: my invisible butler who brings me everything I want because if he doesn't he knows I"ll beat him. So I'm set.

  16. only essential item: my invisible butler who brings me everything I want because if he doesn't he knows I"ll beat him. So I'm set.

  17. Computer (for downloading of music and reading of bad celeb gossip), red wine, good food, my DVR and my old rug for the couch!

  18. As long as I have a tv, a dvd player and a computer, I am fine.
    And possibly a pillow.

    I agree that Katy Perry is stunning though. She's gorgeous.

  19. Sounds like heaven to me :) I never really get to do this with being so busy, but for the first time in too long I go to today. Myself, my mum and my auntie squashed onto the sofa all day. We didn't need much... just PJs, a large fluffy blanket, the TV (we watched Tropic Thunder, My Best Friend's Girl and The Breakfast Club) and, of course... chocolate!

  20. I'm with you...I can quite literally feel my muscle mass dissolving away. By the time the weather warms back up, I may not even be able to stand up.

  21. Ooooh a good 'un!

    I'd say...

    dressing gown
    slipper socks (I need a new pair, somehow managed to get massive holes in mine and I'd only had them a year!)
    books and/or episodes of Midsomer Murders, NCIS, Criminal Minds, CSI:NY, American Dad, and Family Guy.
    and a computer so I can order a Domino's Pizza online.

    Magic. :P


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