Friday, 25 December 2009


Just screwin' wit ya. I know fine well it's the 25th December.


This week has been very fast and massively tiring for me. I spent three and a half working days in a cold warehouse sorting out exam scripts during what has been the coldest week of the year - temperatures have been plummeting to like -10 degrees C and the ground has had a thin coating of snow for most of the week. Not nice.

And then when I finally got back to the office yesterday afternoon, just in time for the traditional Dominos delivery, I got definite attitude from a colleague who definitely didn't seem to appreciate the fact that I had came back in time for the pizza, and clearly didn't think I deserved any - and from the sounds of it, she had a bitch about it to other people; I'm not just being paranoid. This colleague was on annual leave Monday to Wednesday and came back to the office yesterday. I was working non stop all week. So fucking frustrating.

Pot calling kettle black much???

Anyhoo, I'm now off until Tuesday, then after Tuesday I'm off until the following Tuesday, so working one day in the next week and a half isn't bad for someone who hasn't had any annual leave left since the beginning of October. It's such a relief to have some time off - I'm ready to spend it chilling out, reading, watching DVDs and just generally trying to de-stress. I think I deserve it, especially after this week!

At the moment, I'm sitting on my bed surrounded by presents I've just opened. They were from seven different friends and some of them consisted of more than one present, so there is a lot of wrapping paper now lying about. It looks like the aftermath of a very pretty natural disaster (if there is such a thing.) My parents will be picking me up in just under two hours so I really should get up and at 'em, but instead I'm sitting in my PJs watching Love Actually on dvd. I wanted to watch Home Alone 2 but I can't find it. Boo. :(

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely day (although I imagine I'm the only one sad enough to be reading blogs on Christmas day) and Santa is good to you! :) xxx


  1. I read blogs on Christmas! =) But mostly because I don't celebrate it. Though I probably read blogs on any and all Jewish holidays too. So it's okay. =)

  2. Ooh great you've got a few days off work!

    And with regards to office cow: kill her with kindness.I'm talking big smiles and 'how are you?!/Your hair looks lovely today!' etc.

    Bitch won't know what hit her and all your colleagues start to hate her for being a cunt about you. Win win! Mwahahaha! :P x

  3. And a merry christmas to you too Paula - its already the 26th here ( or Boxing Day as we call it ) so not sure if your CHristmas is over yet, but i hope you enjoyed it.... whether you spent some time reading blogs or not!

  4. Urgh I hate people like that, your co-worker is such a grinch :p hit her :p

    Anyhoo happy christmas, P. Enjoy your holiday and gifts :) de-stressing sounds really good.

  5. Happy Christmas!! Sounds like you have the same time off as me. I'm in on Tuesday only too but am not looking forward to over a weeks worth of work to catch up with ;)
    Here's to sitting round in pj's eating chocolate and watching films for 9 days! X

  6. A belated Merry Christmas!! Enjoy your days off. :)

    (I get 3 weeks off - squee!!)

    Hope you had a lovely day yesterday. :) -x-

  7. Enjoy your time off and don't understand the pizza issue, that woman sounds like she has issues.

    I read blogs on Christmas day, I read blogs every day!!!


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