Monday, 21 December 2009


Every year I get excited about Christnas. About buying presents. About receiving presents. Come on, I know everyone says the giving is most important but there is a part of me that loves that whole anticipation of receiving a wrapped up present. That thrilling feeling of not knowing what it is, and wondering what could be underneath that gift wrap. It's hard to put into words. I still sometimes feel like a child though when it comes to receiving presents - it just never gets old for me.

Anyway, speaking of wrapping, every year I also get excited about the idea of WRAPPING my presents. I try to set aside a night to do it. Sometimes wine is involved. Not always, but sometimes. (This year the wrapping night ended up being yesterday and I was too hungover from the Christmas night out to even CONTEMPLATE alcohol of any sort.) I look forward to this night. I plan a "theme" of some sort for my wrapping. Be it a few colours (last year I think it was red and gold, another silver and purple) or a pattern or, in this year's case, just simple brown paper with some pretty pattterned tape to brighten it up and some metallic rosettes. In my head, I am going to produce a perfect pile of beautifully wrapped presents which wouldn't look out of place in the window of a posh department store.

In reality, I have a messy bundle of messily wrapped brown paper parcels, the sides aren't neat, the tape is all over the place. The bows falling off. In the absence of gift tags, I've used the blankness of the brown paper to my advantage . . . . or should I say DISadvantage? . . . by writing the names of the recipients directly onto the parcel using a metallic pen or two. In theory, that also seemed like a good idea. In practice? Not so much.

I think I really need to go on a present wrapping course . . . :(


  1. Go volunteer at the CWA and they'll teach you how to sit in the shopping centre and wrap pressies for a donation... the bonus is you can also knit or crochet while your there!

  2. Take your pressies to a local chip shop that is run by anyone from asia and I guarantee that your wrapping will be done in ten seconds flat. I have never been so amazed at someone wrapping chips up in paper so awesomely.

  3. I have the answer to all of your wrapping problems:

    Gift bags

    It's genius. Pick a pretty bag, fluff some tissue paper on top and voila! The best part, the bags are reusable!

  4. I love stealthnerd's advice.

    And I can't wrap gifts for the life of me too. I usually ask people in the gift wrapping corner to do that. But I guess that'd be a hassle if I have more than 10 gifts to wrap :p

  5. Hiya,

    Came across your blog by accident and I really enjoy reading it!

    I know how you feel about the wrapping of presents, I normally just put them in bags!!

    This year however I helped some of my pals (who are excellent wrappers) wrap presents for charity, seeing them gave me such inspiration that this year I had ribbons and everything! However it took me about 8 hours to wrap 3 presents so next year.... back to the bags! Have a great Christmas and BTW I know how you feel about the Christmas Party, its always me that makes an ass of myself and has to face everyone come Monday morning! x

  6. I am the worst wrapper ever, I am known for bad wrapping-

    Thats why I love those wrap counters who do it for me and makes it look pretty.
    I would do a wrapping 101 course, but honestly I dont have the patience to make a piece of paper perfect that is only gonna be ripped apart again

  7. I also love the whole warpping part. However, because i'm somewhat anal, i'll actually start over if i havent wrapped something neatly enough.

    Sad, yes, but my presents look cute!

  8. By the way, I still think that how you've wrapped *my* present is lovely! You were totally right about the tape being cute, and it isn't messy at all! It shows you've made an effort :)



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