Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Instead of my semi-regular Cheer-me-up-Tuesday, I'm partaking in a slightly different regular weekday event today:

Bear with me, I'm a mere beginner . . .

Feel free to join in...


  1. Love it!
    And just for your information if your ex is anything like the typical English/Irish/Scottish backpacker down here, he probably will get an STD. There was a report in a national paper recently saying all the backpackers are going round getting it on with one another and spreading all kinds of delightful diseases....

    Ooh, and heres to Xmas shags!

  2. You were having quite the Post It Tuesday!

    When you have time stop by my blog and grab an award. I know I don't comment often but I am a horrible lurker and read you all the time!!

  3. wow thats a lot of post its. i love it though. what a great idea! oh and i feel with you about the photocopier!

  4. This. Looks. FUN!!!


    (Hopefully fuckface will get something that causes his bits to fall off. Or gets molested by a rabid kangaroo.)


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