Saturday, 26 December 2009


We all know I like blog awards. It's always nice to know people think highly enough of what you are writing to pass something like that onto you. To know people actually enjoy reading about your life.

So to receive the Happiness 101 award from not one, but TWO bloggers . . . well that made me happy too. :)

Thanks very much to Amy of Insomniatic Musings and Lucy from Lucy's Life in Suburb World for bestowing this award on me.

So let's get on with it. The rules???

List 10 things that make you happy, try to do at least one of them today, and link back to the person that tagged you. Then tag 10 other bloggers that brighten your day.

So here goes . . .


As in my friends, not the sitcom. While I don't have a circle of friends I grew up with, like some (I lost touch with my schoolfriends after we left school), I have close friends from a variety of different places, uni, former flatmates, various work places I've been over the years. I love hanging out with them and I know they have my back (if only you knew the number of times a certain friend has offered to vandalise the cars of people who do me wrong, haha!). And I love that.


I don't have a huge family but we're very close. And my sister is my best friend.


Yum. I love this. This is what I'm currently drinking. :) It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And drunk too. Yay!


I've not read as much this year as I'd like, but books are one of my great loves, particularly chick-lit. Not only do I like buying books, I also like browsing book blogs and review sites and can spend ages on them. The books in the picture are ones I still need to read. I stock-pile books as if there's going to be a natural disaster, and rather than living on food, I'm going to inhale books instead. If I don't have loads outstanding to read, I start to panic. A guy in my work said the other week that he was going into town after work to buy a book. "Don't you have ones in your house you haven't read yet?" I asked in disbelief. He hadn't. I couldn't comprehend this. Conversely, HE couldn't comprehend my non-comprehension.


Always makes me happy - especially at "that" time of the month (you know, Aunt Rose's monthly visit). It's a fine line though, a love/hate relationship. If I overindulge, I end up feeling crappy agan.


I love buying clothes. It makes me particularly happy to find a beautiful bargain. The same applies to jewelry, accessories and occasionally shoes.

I know my rack of clothes is not the tidiest and this is only a small selection of my clothes. But I can't stop buying more! It's an addiction. And it makes me smile. :)


This time, I actually mean the sitcom. I absolutely adore it, could watch the same episode four times in a day (and have been known to do so), and like me and one of my former flatmates say, you can bring almost any situation you end up in back to "Friends" and produce a relevant quote. Gotta love that!!!


I love looking at photographs. They always bring back memories of good times; brilliant nigh
ts out, fantastic holidays, or just reminding you of a silly thing you did that might have been embarrassing at the time but . . . looking back, you can't help but smile. I was a bit sad when photographs went all digital - it didn't seem quite the same as having an actual photo in your hand - but with the emergence of social networking websites and flickr and the like, it's all good again - and I can find the pictures much faster now!


It's comfy. Enough said.


If you're feeling crap, you can always find a post to cheer you up, to put your problem in perspective, or simply make you realise that you're not the only one feeling this way. There are some fabulous people lurking in the blogosphere and I don't think I could leave it for the world now.

Which leads me onto ten bloggers who brighten my day:

1. Meghan
2. Angelaboration
3. Arielle
4. Chele
5. Jennifer Alaine
6. Miss H
7. Laura Jane Williams
8. Kellie
9. Carissa Jaded
10. Mich

PS Of the people on this list, one of them is the aforementioned friend who likes to offer to vandalise people's cars for me. But I'm not going to say which one it is. :)


  1. Ooh I shall get onto this in the next few days though I faer some of mine will be the same as yours. Your bed looks very sheets hey :) drink, chocolate and books top of my list too

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Hurrah for awards, congrats!! :D

    For the record... your bed is comfy, your clothes are great, you can never have too many books... and I'm sure that all the would-be car vandal asks that if you ever take her up on the offer, that you provide a good alibi and description of the vehicle.


    (I deleted my last comment, I got a bit OCD about a spelling mistake... sorry. Lol)


  4. Goodness, I was shaking my head in agreement with almost all of your list (LOL)

    BUT, you left us hanging, who is your partner in crime????

  5. I love a lot of things in your list! Family, friends, wine, chocolate, books, clothes and blogosphere? Yes please!:D

  6. YAY for Friends the TV show! i am always quoting it non-stop and relate everything to it also!

    And yes, 2009 was incredible for me. Just wait until the 2009 in review post.

  7. Oh, you are a girl after my own heart. I def. need to add you to my reader.

    We love so many of the same things including our beds and books!


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