Sunday, 6 December 2009


On Thursday night, I decided to go shopping after work. Mainly to buy an umbrella, but also to do some Christmas shopping.

I ended up coming home minus a new umbrella and minus any presents for anyone else, but with some new bedcovers and cushions, loads of make-up and a pair of pretty ballet pumps.

Here they are:

Pretty, huh???

Oooh, is that a tiny bit of toe cleavage I see on the right hand side of the picture? What a SLUT . . .

Not only are they pretty AND comfy, they also cost me a mere six quid from bargain-licious Primark. Woohoo!!!

But the best compliment I've had about them so far is from my friend's six year old son.

Who said the following:

"Paula, your shoes are so beautiful I could EAT them."

Word to the wise though . . . if anyone eats my pretty shoes, I am going to be VERY upset.

I don't CARE how beautiful you find them . . . keep your mouth OFF them!!!!



  1. They are gorgeous little shoes! They look like the little pumps River Island sell. Can't believe you got them from Primark for 6 quid - total bargain!

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  3. Agreed - they are pretty little shoes. And you have to love a bargain - my favourite pair of pumps ( which happen to be one of the only pair of shoes i can stand wearing now with my fat pregnant feet ) only cost me $14 Aussie dollars. Cheap as!

  4. toe clevage?? that's great! And the shoes are lovely!

    Also, on a different note. I read a good book over the weekend- Wish upon a star by Olivia Goldsmith, and it turns out she died before it was published. Am i the only one who didn't know about this? I am so behind the times!

  5. Yes, but seriously... I could eat them too! x

  6. Ahhhh I actually have these shoes! Despite the fact the sole is separating from the show a little at the toe (well, they WERE only £6 and I subject them to some serious weather) they are brilliant and go with ANYTHING!


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