Wednesday, 18 November 2009

OH NO SHE *DIDN'T* . . .

. . .Oh yes I did!!!!

I bought a top with that horrible, projects-an-unhealthy-body-image, anti-feminism-icon Barbie on it.

But I'm not going to apologise.

I loved Barbie as a kid.

I still think she's pretty.

It's retro. (I think...)

It was always funny that her feet were high-heel-shaped so without them on a real life version of her would obviously fall flat on her face when barefoot.

And . . . most importantly of all?

I needed cheering up.

And it made me happy.

Okay??? :)


  1. Barbie was my favorite growing up! I had a gazillion of them and only 1 Ken doll. He was therefore the biggest pimp ever. :)

  2. Ohhhhhhh P...

    You deliberately chose not to tell me about this earlier, didn't you? lol

    Ah well... our friendship proves that a girl in a Barbie top and a girl in Dangermouse pants can overcome any social barriers :P

  3. You are definitely going to get some comments on that! I like the sparkles.

  4. Oh come on, it's cute and flirty. no need to apologize lol. And I like Barbie, since I was a kid basically.

  5. That short is awesome. Wear it proud, lovely!

  6. Oh my God I am so jealous. I love Barbie. All my Barbies are still downstairs because I haven't cleaned my den out yet. I keep getting distracted and playing with them whenever I try to clean it out. Eventually I'm going to do a post that will be an ode to my Barbies.

  7. Barbies are awesome... Those slutty "bratz" dolls that are all the rage now are just not the same...

  8. If Barbie is so awesome, why is she stuck with that lame-dickless-poor-excuse-for-a-man-Ken. He really drags her down.

  9. Kellie - or perhaps he was just a total manwhore, haha???

    Mich - our friendship proves this stuff a lot, particularly the rock/r&b divide, hehe. :)

    Ashley - I think I'll wear it to work tomorrow with my jeans and see what people say . . .

    Andhari - thanks! :)

    Meghan - will do!

    LCT - me too,me too!

    At Least I'm Skinny - I look forward to that post!

    Laundramatic - so true!

    MJ - I know lots of people who stay with guys they shouldn't, so I guess she's more realistic than we all think . . . :)

  10. It's an awesome top - don't apologise for it, especially since it made you happy. :)

  11. THAT specific pic of Barbie is retro and cool. Somehow Malibu Barbie doesn't seem as cool.

  12. I want one!!! where from?


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