Monday, 2 November 2009


So there are quite a few geeky things about me, but one of the main ones is my mild obsession with natural disasters. Asteroids, tsunamis, earthquakes . . . sometimes I take the notion to read up on them obsessively using that Tool of All Knowledge we call the internet. (Wow, what did I do before it existed? Oh I remember . . . I used to spend ages using some sort of encyclopaedia software. Yes, I just got even MORE geeky...)

Anyway, along with the fascination with natural disasters, I also have a soft spot for the odd disaster flick. "The Day After Tomorrow" was probably my favourite, so I was very excited when I found out about this movie. Is anyone else really wanting to see "2012"???

It's one of those films though that I REALLY want to watch but at the same time? I'm fucking terrified. Because it's based on something that COULD possibly happen. I didn't know that the world might end in 2012. And now I'm bloody scared!!!! I know there's been loads of "end of the world' scares and the like, even just in MY lifetime, but still . . . I'm a bit fraidy cat.

So maybe I really don't want to see it after all . . .


  1. I'll be going to see it - I'll let you know if it's *that* scary!

  2. My friend is in the movie. I just wanted to name drop. You should see it and report back to us.

  3. I know its not funny, morbid even, but I think it is cute your little fear of natural disasters.
    Im horrible


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