Thursday, 15 October 2009


Sometimes I just watch music videos and, much as I love the song, think "What the fuck?" Okay, it's waaayyyy overthinking things on my part (but then, that's what I do - think way too much) but if you see a video often enough you find yourself picking apart the video. For example . . .

The thoughts that go through my head with this one . . .

1) Did Kanye really draw that picture???
2) Is Keri ever going to land when she falls backwards???
3) Why is Keri even TORN between the two at the end. Ne-Yo is FAR hotter, and anyway, even if she DOES choose Kanye over Ne-Yo, let's face it, he'll then turn around and say "Well, Keri, I'm going to let you finish but Amber Rose really gives better head than you..."
(Shit, did I type that out loud? I meant to...)

Or . . .

1)They don't even DESERVE that beautiful house the way they are trashing it.
2) That is going to be a fucking BUGGER to clean up . . .

Or how about THIS one???

1. What fecking LANGUAGE are they talking at the start?
2. What the fuck is she WEARING? (That thought occurs many a time throughout the video...)
3. What the fuck is she wearing on her HEAD??? (Another frequent thought...)
4. How did she manage to pull HIM??? (Oh yeah, oops, forgot, he's getting paid.)
5. What's with all the random dead bodies throughout the video? Did SHE kill them too?
6. Was it cos they were far HOTTER than her?
7. Are they meant to be on their way to a costume party at the end? Otherwise why would she be dressed as Minnie Mouse and he be wearing an eyepatch???
8. Why doesn't she poison herself when she tastes it?
9. And why did she have to kill her boyfriend to become famous again? Couldn't she have just gone on "Dancing With the Stars" or something???

That's all. For now...


  1. the language at the start of the Lady Gaga sounds like Swedish to me

  2. C'mon, nothing says i have a little pirate in me like wearing an eye patch.

    I think it's Swedish they're speaking at the beginning.

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE analyzing videos.

    Lady Gaga's videos are like a must watch if I'm feeling a bit bitchy.

    And I love how you used Kanye joke again, haaa! I think Neyo is much better than Kanye too, you know, in terms of personality and all that..

  4. Creed - With Arms Wide Open.

    "It's arrrrrmageddonnnnn....."

    That is all.


  5. Lady GAGA. Doesn't that alone tell you that the vids will make NO sense??

  6. Lady GAGA. Doesn't that alone tell you that the vids will make NO sense??

  7. I thought the same thing about Kari falling down. She never lands!!! :) And Lady Gaga I have SO MANY questions about. Does she have a penis between her legs? Ahahahaha!!! Okay sorry. TGIF!

  8. It is Swedish, Puss Puss means kiss kiss!

  9. Well, you chose the best of videos to make WTF comments (the Lady Gaga one), so I can just add I loved this.


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