Thursday, 22 October 2009


. . . that I had a ticket to go and see the All American Rejects last Sunday, since Mich got me a ticket for my birthday.

In fact, I shouted it from the rooftops. I also told everyone if they didn't see me again, it was because I was going to run off with Tyson Ritter. Yum yum yum. He is HOT.

I mean, LOOK!!!!

The problem is . . . and this is what I always forget . . . how the FUCK was the dude going to see me from up there on the stage when I was stuck behind tons of people??? Dammit.

Instead Mich concentrated on trying to get me to chat up some not-altogether-unattractive looking dudes standing nearby.

(Mich, do you know me but at all??? I don't "do" chatting up!!!!)

So I had an awesome night, drank TONS of vodka (without the hangover the next day!), the band were fab (the support acts, on the other hand, were NOT), but I came home Tyson-less. Poor me.

Oh well. Maybe I'll pull the singer at the NEXT gig I go to.

But considering it's Kelly Clarkson (again) and I ain't that way inclined, I guess not . . .


  1. Dayuuuummmm dude is FIERCE. Hahhaaha. I suggest wearing shirts that has little lamps on it, battery powered hahahaa.

  2. Jealous!! I love the All American Rejects!

    Glad you enjoyed. :)

  3. Ok I KNOW you don't 'do' chatting up, but would it have been so awful to at least smile at them flirtatiously over your shoulder?

    No, didn't think so!!


    Ahhh besides that, you're great fun at gigs! Let's go to more! :)



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