Wednesday, 9 September 2009


I started writing about three different posts tonight and just couldn't finish them. Lack of motivation, tiredness, being sick of missing the guy . . . who knows why? Maybe it was a mix of all three. Anyway, instead I decided to post something from my previous blog which I liked at the time, and still do - perhaps because I like the idea of reverting to my childhood, where life seemed so much simpler. So . . . let me present to you . . . my list of what silly things I used to do when I was a kid . . .

***pretend to be a pop star and record myself singing on a tape recorder. when I got to the end of the song and wanted to make it fade out in the way most eighties and nineties songs seemed to do, i would start singing more and more quietly until i eventually shut up. I could never understand why this didn't sound like the real thing.

***make a tent in the back garden using a blanket over our swing frame then invite around the kids from up the street. we would then proceed to just sit in it and look at each other and not actually DO anything.

***eat grass as if it was liquorice (I think that one was definitely just me)

***try to grow an apple tree in the back garden with the seeds out of an apple. Of course, I didn't actually plant them in earth, just scattered them over a muddy piece of concrete.

***try to make my own perfume. to do so I roamed the neighbourhood stealing petals off the flowers in people's garden, then put them in some water, with all of the cheap little perfumes I owned. Surprisingly, it did not smell too good. And my mum wasn't too happy when she realised I'd been pilfering parts of the neighbours flowers . . .

***thought that I would find out if Holy Water actually tasted any different from normal water (for the record: it didn't. It tasted worse. And not at all Holy for that matter)

***bit my sister on the leg - we weren't fighting or anything (for once) I just thought it would be fun. (She had a bruise for days!)

***kicked my little brother in the balls. same reason as above.

***was sick all over one of my teachers on the way home from a school trip. I'd been drinking cola and she was wearing a white skirt. it wasn't pretty.

***walking directly into a parking barrier on my first day at Pontins holiday camp in Blackpool, necessitating four stitches in my head, which i still have the scar from over 20 years later

Anything particularly stupid YOU did as a kid that you would like to share???


  1. I *love* this post! What a good idea. I too did the making perfume thing, only we used to leave ours in the fridge? Yup, green-fly everywhere! I remember being on a school trip, and climbing a huge pyramid type climbing frame, getting stuck at the top, and having to have a teacher rescue me! Did you ever have jumble sales?! We used to go round the doors and collect stuff, then sell it off for pennies! We also used to go to the park with kids from the street, late at night - and tell ghost stories!

  2. The British holiday camp, ah how I love you. I spent so many summers in Havens or Butlins, good memories and good friends were found there.

    Love this post.

  3. This list made ma laugh so much, nice to see you were just as spunky and fierce back then as you are now.

    I ate dirt as a kid and bit someone for kicks. Unfortunately it was my dentist.

  4. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that used to kick my brother in the balls (he usually deserved it though)

    I was a tomboy growing up so one of out fav games along with british bulldog was 'fency jumping' where you start in your back garden and see how far up the road you can get jumping over all of the neightbours fences before they spot you.

  5. I once punched my sister in the stomach, also for no reason. I just, freakishly, wanted to know what it was like because I'd never done it before. Creeper.
    And I also did the fade out thing. We used to put on Spice Girls concerts for my parents every time a new album came out. Ah, the nineties.

  6. I did the very same thing with apple seeds! Shame that didn't work.

  7. Hm... I was dancing to a song on top of a computer chair, and I fell and broke my arm. How's that for stupid things to do?


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