Monday, 31 August 2009


Over the past few months, I've had the paranoid moments (brought on by my past experience) where I've thought "ah well, that's that then. It's obviously over" . . . and then been proved wrong.

This time not so much. I think I can safely say it IS over.

I didn't expect it to end quite this way though. Without closure of any sort. Without even confirmation. Mind you, if you were never officially "seeing" a person, perhaps it's okay to just ignore a person until they go away. It just seems strange when the last contact you had with them was arranging another meet-up.

I have wondered if there is something else going on that's prevented him from contacting me. But this seems highly unlikely.

I think I've had to just try and find excuses for him because it's so weird that someone I thought so highly of is actually capable of doing it this way. Weird. And unbelievably hurtful.

When I look back at how it all began . . . I honestly didn't see the end being quite like this.


  1. Well i'm sorry to hear that Paula. Its not just crappy to hear that your " thing " is over, but that you've been left a little in the lurch. Thats not fair. The least the guy could do is give you a " hey, its not you, its me ".

    Its lame and its usually a lie, but at least its a definite, right ?

  2. Ouch, sorry to hear that Paula :(

  3. Thanks girls. To be honest, I can cope (just about) with being let down, but I honestly didn't think this guy would let me down in such a way. I genuinely thought he was better than that. More disappointed about THAT than anything else . . .

  4. Hey, can you shoot me an email? arielleblogs (at) gmail. Sorry, I couldn't find an email address for you but there's something I want to ask you (in a non-comment form, haha). Thanks =)

  5. I'm sorry Paula. Take care of yourself.

  6. I'm so sorry Paula...I totally know how u feel, I'm being ignored too :( I've been through the "un-friend from facebook" phase, and delete from contact list today...

  7. Guys are pricks - what more can I say? (well, not me of course, but so many are complete clampets)

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