Saturday, 18 July 2009


Waiting for a phone call or a text is kinda like waiting for a kettle to boil, right?

You can't necessarily expect a text or phone call to come without you prompting it, much like you can't have a boiled kettle without actually switching the kettle on first (unless its a crazy self-heating-all-on-its-own type that senses you want a cup of tea and just starts the process itself. Is there such a thing? Anyway . . . )

But when you prompt a kettle to boil, you expect it to do so. Just like when you prompt someone to call you by, I don't know, texting THEM, you expect them to reply. To get SOME sort of contact back.

I suppose the difference is, unless the kettle is broken, it SHOULD eventually boil.

The person you wanted to text you back might never do that though . . .


  1. Unless the person is broken. In that case, do you really want a response from a broken person?

  2. Unless you put salt in the water before and it takes LONGER (WAY longer) to boil.

    Think what could've been that salt.

  3. I thought salt made water boil quicker because it lowers the boiling point? Or is that just for pasta? Hmmm.

    Anyway, I hate waiting for people to text me back! I especially hate waiting for someone I *like* to text me back. I texted a boy recently and he took a week and a half to reply! A week and a half! So I waited a few days to reply and when I did it was a totally neutral text with no questions at all so he has no reason to reply. Thus I'm not waiting for him to reply because I didn't open it up and give him the opportunity. If that makes sense? I know he won't bother so I'm not waiting around expecting it. I would usually ask questions and hope for a response but I was so annoyed by him taking A WEEK AND A HALF to reply that I don't want to wait any more. Am I weird? Lol

    Nice to read your blog,
    Blue Eyes xx


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