Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Here's a little guest post to keep you going while I'm away. (I know, it hurts. Get over it.) Just realised I never got a title for it, so I made one up. Hope that's okay, Meghan . . .

Hi Everyone, my name is Meghan from Blog Voyeur Turned Blogwhore. You may remember me from such posts as 'I like to fall down drunk' and 'Look How I offended that guy'. Our beloved Paula is currently holidaying in Majorca right now so I figured it's only fair that since she's getting her travel on, I'd share a travel story too and a definate TMI one at that.

One year my friend Melissa and I decided to hop a few hours to a different location in the sunny Okanagan (BC, Canada) to get some sunshine. Kelowna is considered one of the hearts of the interior so we got a few great days of beaching and hiking by the lake before heading off to back to college. We were chilling in the park one night observing and critiquing the clothes of the locals when a man started to stroll up close to us that had on short shorts, a tshirt, kneehigh socks and bulky sneakers. Perhaps it was the drink that influenced it but I could NOT help but start to laugh and comment loudly on his choice of gear. I think my exact words may have been along the lines of, "Ohmigod, do you see those socks with shorts? That's so bad. All he needs is a fannypack and he'll be set.Bwahahahahahahahaha."

I waited for her to laugh along with me but she was oddly quiet and uncomfortable looking. That's when I turned around and saw that he was RIGHT THERE behind us. And it wasn't different coloured socks he was wearing, but in fact artificial legs. I just made fun of a man who had artificial limbs. About the limbs. And he heard.

I'm going straight to hell.

It's seriously one of the most mortifying moments I've ever had and I can't believe I shared it on Paula's blog muchless mine, but can confirm that ever since I have left the fashion policing to Perez*Idontcondoneviolence*Hilton. Unless of course you're wearing a Von Dutch baseball cap, then you're fair game.


  1. Ouch. That must have been a hard one to recover from.

    Assuming you haven't been back there for holiday since.

  2. Oh Meghan. That's bad.....

  3. oh ouch indeed!

    I actually hid my face in my hands after reading that...

  4. Yep, you're right - that would have been completely mortifying.

    Foot in mouth indeed.

  5. Ouch! I'd say "that's bad", but I always do the same kind of comments.

    Oh, and metallic leggins with SHORT shirts are also a fair game.

  6. You're not going to Hell for that. You'll be going to a worse place for sure ...

  7. Doooooooooooood you never told me this epic a$$hole eats own foot experience LOL. Me Loves You Long Time

  8. Yup. I'm an ass. A foot eating ass.


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