Thursday, 30 July 2009

Cartoon Capers...

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Hello there, fans of Polly! *waves* :)

As I'm sure many of you already know, Polly is still away in Majorca sunning herself (I can only imagine what the temperatures are like - phwoar!) and I was very flattered to have her ask me to do a guest spot on her blog while she was gone (in actual fact, I was so thrilled that I went and started up my own blogger account to make it easier for her to arrange!).

I'm Mich, and Polly and I used to live in a flatshare together along with some other lovely girlies. Alas, I moved out (well, I 'did a flit' in the middle of the night - a Glasgow tradition, some will say) but we're still great friends and I still sneak round to her place to get drunk (good times! I even hid in her cupboard once while the landlord was talking to her outside her room. No, seriously!).

I did express a fear that whatever I write may disappoint, or perhaps even alienate... but Polly has reassured me that as long as I don't refer to her ex as a douchebag, it'll be fine. (oh...whoops!) hehehe :P

Well anyways...

Yesterday I admitted to one of my male friends about the dirty dreams I've recently had (my shameful confession can be found here), which resulted in the throwaway comment from him: 'well if it was Family Guy characters you were dreaming about, it'd be more worrisome'.

Rather than let the conversation end there, I piped up: 'Lois would be fun, though. She knows how to rock and roll.' ;)

Admit it, she's hot!

Thus, our talk descended into a debate over which female characters in 'Family Guy' or 'American Dad' we would sleep with (if we were cartoons too... and in the show... or something... actually, I'm not sure what the requirements were - boys don't really seem to consider such boundaries).

And it got me thinking... one of the girls I knew in High School once expressed an attraction to the male lead character in the Disney film 'Mulan'.
And I'm not sure if there's a straight man alive that would turn down Jessica Rabbit (from 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?', and whose sexy, husky tones were provided by Kathleen Turner). Hell, I wouldn't turn her down - she's hot!

From the hysterical and frightening behaviour of teenage girls we've witnessed or heard about at Harry Potter or Twilight *gags* premieres, we already know that people can fall for or feel an attraction to a fictional character that an actor or actress portrays. But what about animated characters?

I think that
I have once again accidentally succumbed to a male way of thinking, and am now curious to know...

If you could sleep with an animated character, who would it be and why?

My answer for now would still be Lois Griffin :P


  1. For this blog to have a post with no comments, is rare. I put this down to a phobia of stating the character that one would have to copulate with.

    My choice? After 10 minutes of thinking (with the comments window open), I'm still struggling. Nurse Joy perhaps?

  2. Personally I always had a thing for Robin Hood - yes, the fox. That being said, I'm not sure I'd shag him. Beastiality and all that... Oh and it IS scorching here, lol!

  3. Aladdin. No doubt. He's a good looking dude, and has the voice of DJ's boyfriend Steve from Full House! (have you guys ever seen that show? )

  4. Nurse Joy - I was half-expecting a Japanese manga / anime character as a confession... but Pokémon kinda comes under that Japanese animation umbrella :P

    And Robin Hood was really quite dashing, in his own foxy (haha!) way.
    And for a cartoon character, Aladdin had a nice body (I've never personally seen Full House though - but thanks for that amazing bit of trivia!).

    Y'know now I'm thinking that Prince Phillip in 'Sleeping Beauty' was pretty cute (and brave!)... I feel like having a Disney marathon now... lol

  5. Man....i've seen so many animated movies/tv shows in my time yet i'm still kind of stumped as to who my choice might be. I'm gonna go with the Beast, from " Beauty and the Beast " - once he's turned back to human form of course. He's got far too much fur for me before that :)

    Ooh, also, long stansding joke in my family is that my mother was strangely attracted to Tarzan in in the Disney version of... well... " Tarzan ". Even mums are on the animation attraction train!

  6. I think a few skeletons are leaving closets of late. Ahem.

  7. My high school boyfriend's first crush?

    April, from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.


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