Sunday, 12 July 2009


I got cancelled on again today.

I understand why but, all the same, I'm feeling very sad. And more than a little paranoid. The old insecurities have came rushing back with a vengeance.

I told myself I would never let a guy get to me so much again after the last one. Just like I ALWAYS tell myself. Why is it never that easy though? Why can't we just switch off our feelings like guys appear to be able to do?

Can anyone help to cheer me up???


  1. I'm sorry. I understand what it's like to not want to get so wrapped up in someone, but it's kind of like your logic has taken a back seat.

    Remember how awesome you are. Use this opportunity to try something new. Is there a movie you've wanted to see? A path you've wanted to walk? Hey, you can even surprise a friend with cupcakes. Sometimes seeing their happiness can make you feel extra happy.

  2. I'm sorry P. Maybe the best thing to do, if he's making you feel insecure, is to just say bugger it. Always easier said than done, I know, but maybe you'd feel better taking control of the situation.

    V. funny!

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  5. Its not very clear what I'm linking to - watch some Michael McIntyre Comedy Roadshow on bbc i player, its a very funny distraction and hopefully pick-me-up!

  6. Enjoy the attention from this boy but until you have his promise of complete exclusivity, never stop looking around ;)

    Also, if I were you I'd rent a movie with a smoking hot lead actor and just drool over him, instead of thinking of mr. trouble

  7. I ALSO tend to do the same thing. But I can't. I get attached too quickly.

    But I'm with Laundramatic, in order not to get too attached, seek other fishes in the sea.

  8. I say have fun with it but keep your eyes open! Like the above commenters said, there are other fish in the sea (or so I hope. I'm in your boat!)

    Paula - did I tell you that my blog moved? I am at I always enjoyed your comments so I hope you'll stop by and update your feed! :)


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