Sunday, 14 June 2009


I just realised it has been three months since I left a random "how are you?" message on someone's Facebook wall. Such a random message and after such a long time of no contact that I genuinely didn't even expect a reply to it.

But I DID get a reply. Which resulted in a Facebook wall conversation that lasted several hours - a conversation in which I hesitated at points to even reply, thinking that I was probably just being a pain. When we ended up talking via the chat function for over eight hours though, trying to play a "guess the lyric" drinking game and just chatting about random crap (including the fact I used to fancy him in high school), I realised that this clearly wasn't the case. But when we realised it was half four in the morning and that we should really sign off, I didn't actually expect to hear from him again.

But I did. As you know!

I'm not going to pretend that this is going to necessarily go somewhere. It's all still very casual, there's no label on it. We don't even get to see each other all that much. And obviously I've already had many neurotic moments.

But then I'm going to have them no matter who I'm with really!

In the meantime though . . . I'm still having fun and that can only be a good thing. Right? :)


  1. I love those Facebook chats that surprise you and turn out to be something more :) Glad you're still having fun!

  2. facebook causes the most random conversations!!!

    there is nothing wrong with a bit of fun

  3. I have GREAT news.

    Click my name and find out <3 (No this is NOT spam)

    I blog elsewhere. I'd never leave you. EVER!

  4. As long as it's fun, then that's all that matters! :0)

    Keep having fun!

  5. Fun is, well, fun, isnt it? Here's to more fun for you for at least another 3 months!

  6. ooh! keep us posted on any developments!

  7. Three months, already. Holy crap, that's longer than all my relationships combined. I kid.

    But seriously, congrats on whatever it is ;)

  8. I am on a bit of a facebook hiatus for a few days...I just needed a break from all of those crazy people! hahaha!

  9. yup! having fun is healthy!


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