Thursday, 18 June 2009


I am a big scaredy cat but there's one thing that sometimes scares me more than snakes, spiders, death or all that crap.

And it is trivial as fuck.

What is it?

I hate the idea of going somewhere and finding out that someone has the same outfit on as me.

(See what I mean? Trivial as fuck.)

On a day to day basis, this doesn't bother me too much. I mean, occasionally I'll see someone wearing the same colour top as me and momentarily panic that they might have on EXACTLY THE SAME top. (This happens a lot on the rare occasions I wear black.) But my panic is usually unfounded.

Anytime an event that may necessitate a nice dress comes up, I go into overdrive for weeks beforehand trying to source a dress that other people aren't likely to have thought of purchasing too. And even then, it's a total panic on the actual night wondering if my worst fear is going to be realised. I feel so sorry for those celebrities who are snapped in magazines because they wore the same dress on the same night - especially when it is accompanied by readers voting over who they think wore it best.

The thing is . . . if I have a certain top, dress, skirt etc, and then someone else copies me and buys it, whether on purpose or by accident . . . I feel like I can't wear it anymore. Because what if other people think I copied them???

I know, it doesn't make much sense.

I guess it all goes back to when I had this lovely adidas backpack when I was in first year of high school. (Yeah, I was waaaayyyy stylish). Then this really annoying dude in my class turned up one day with the same bag. Eek. Of course, I had to keep my bag hidden all day, and then start using a different one from then on in. I didn't want anyone to REALISE we had the same bag. I didn't want people to think we had something in common.

Perhaps it runs in the family. Also in high school, my little sister worked three full weekends at the local cake factory to make money to treat herself to a Helle Hansen jacket. A week later, a guy in HER class turned up wearing it. She could never wear it again.

(Of course, maybe the lesson for both of us here is never buy unisex stuff.)

Perhaps I need to turn to vintage. At least that would significantly cut down on the chances of me wearing the same outfit as someone else, I suppose . . .


  1. You should see it as a compliment. You must have a great dress sense.

    I have never had that problems as I look a mess most of them time. However Mr W bought a superdry jacket a few months ago. He then turned up in our local in our small market town to see 10 chavs wearing exactly the same one (and we live in a tiny town with a tiny pub). He was not impressed. It turns out though that all the others were wearing jackets the local druggie had stolen from the local superdry warehouse and sold to them all at a ridiculously cheap price in the pub ( so he could go and buy some more crack no doubt)

    Mr W hasn't worn his since as he thinks everyone will think he bought his off the scabby druggie too

  2. I see your fear and raise you MULTIPLE instances in my life when this has totally happened.

    1) Senior prom. There was not one, but TWO other girls wearing the exact same dress as me.
    2) Anytime I buy something from Old Navy or Target (which is like, all the time), I almost inevitably see someone else with the exact same thing (sometimes, if I'm lucky, in a different color at least) within a week or two of buying it.
    3) A wedding I went to once with a new boyfriend...there was another girl there wearing the same dress as me, but in a different color. And she looked way better in it because she had boobs.
    4) And the BEST (really, WORST) one? My fiance and I went to a wedding together a little while back, and the bride's wedding gown?

    ...mine. Exactly the same dress I am wearing in my own wedding.

    Can you say FML?

  3. If anyone ever shows up dressed like I normally do (functions of office are a different thing) I'll just assume they are colorblind and living in a cardboard box down by the river.

    Nothing to worry about - you obviously look good or people wouldn't attempt to emulate you.

  4. Like Dan said-don't worry about it. You look better in it anyway.

  5. This happened to me once... at my high school ball. I was mortified, but went into hyper-overload manic customising mode, went to the ladies and tied it a different way so it looked totally different. But it WAS majorly awful.

  6. The only thing with going vintage Paula..... you could end up wearing the same thing as some 70 yr old lady, only she'll have had hers since 1963.

    I'd say people will think your copying her...

  7. You're right Paula, that makes absolutely no sense (to me anyway).

    Must be a girl thing :)


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