Sunday, 24 May 2009


When one is out clubbing, and ever-so-slightly drunk (okay, 100% WASTED!), one should NOT attempt to see "how low they can go" unless they are convinced they will actually be able to get back up after they've shimmied down. They certainly shouldn't do it if there is any chance they might instead fall over backwards and then be unable to get back up without assistance from one's friend!

That's the last time I try to pretend to be Christina Aguilera in the "Dirrty" video. Especially when that wasn't even the song that was playing!

Oh, I think I managed to sort out the guy matter for now. But we'll have to wait and see for the moment. Thanks for all the advice you have given me on that anyway, I'm very grateful!


  1. I have DEFINITELY done that before!!

  2. Any chance I can youtube your limbo dance? :)

  3. Nasty as it may bed, this post amused me to no end. :)

    Thanks for making me smile :)

  4. I've just read your four-part guide to Scottishness (I know you posted in in January, but hey, I'm slow), and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I thought the best place to comment on it would be your most recent post, as you're more likely to see it then?
    Anyway, yeah, it was very amusic, and of course, being Scottish, I had to agree with most, if not all, of it. :) Thanks.

  5. Hahaha! I wish I could party with you!

  6. I once did the limbo thing in Majorca. Suffice to say, 6' tall makes for dangerous results.

  7. I fall on my butt doing that all the time! It's the highlight of our night out!! =DD

    Glad the man issue is sorted out.. for now.. :) Lets hope it remains sorted out! xx


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