Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Yesterday I had the day off due to the May Day public holiday.

About four pm my flatmate knocked on my bedroom door and came in. She gasped. "Your room!"

Then she laughed. "Is THIS what it takes to get you to tidy your room properly?"

Apparently so.

It takes a guy I like coming to see my room for the first time for me to do a full scale tidy.

So there you go.

Everyday's a schoolday . . .


  1. Isn't that what it takes most people to clean their rooms? That's certainly the case.

  2. Ha!Thats exactly what it takes for me to clean my room. Even the mere CHANCE of them maybe, sort of, on the way out the door to dinner, seeing my room is enough for me to tidy up.

    Luckily, Mr Gil isnt too fussed on my huge pile of clean laundry being in the corner, so it gets to stay there!

  3. Hehe. You didn't happen to take before and after pics did you?

  4. LOL. The things men make us do.

  5. I do the same thing!
    Last weekend I cleaned my place for the first time in ages cause a guy was coming over. No male should ever know about our messy habits.... at least, not right away...


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