Thursday, 28 May 2009


I hadn't even left the office today before I knew I wanted wine. But where to buy it?

As I said to the girl who was leaving at the same time as me, I didn't want to go to my usual place, the shop at the bottom of my street. I feel like I buy WAAYYYYY too much wine in there and they're starting to judge me. So I decided to go to the Co-op on my way home, as I hadn't bought wine in there in - oh, at least two weeks! I didn't have any ID on me, but of late I've been pretty lax with bringing ID. After all, I'm quite a bit off the legal drinking age now, surely people can't mistake me for 17. I'm not even sure I'd be mistaken for TWENTY, in the shops that have the "if you look under 21" policy.

So I selected myself a bottle of cava (I'm loving the fizz at the moment) and headed up to the counter. And the woman asked me if I had any ID.

"No, sorry," I said confidently. To be perfectly honest, generally when people ask me for ID they seem fairly surprised when I pull out my passport, like they were just asking on auto-pilot. But this woman looked annoyed.

"I'm 29!" I protested, in genuine surprise. Surely THAT was a deal-maker???

But she STILL continued to stare at me. I felt a sudden stab of horror. Was she going to refuse to SELL me the wine??? I was already starting to feel mortified at the very idea of having to leave the shop empty handed when there was a queue behind me, bearing witness to my humiliation.

Finally, when I was about to cut my losses and walk out, she shrugged and scanned the bottle of wine. "Okay," she said. I inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

I think it was the "I'm 29" argument that swung it. She clearly didn't BELIEVE I was that old, but if I'd said I was 22 or 23, she would probably have refused to serve me the alcohol. Let's face it, if I looked like me but was underage, I probably wouldn't lie and say I was 29, I'd be more likely to say I was nearer my own age because it would seem more believable. If that makes sense. (There's some advice for underagers trying to buy alcohol I guess. Always exaggerate!)

As I stood waiting for my change, I felt obliged to say "Thanks though, that made my day". Obviously, it HADN'T, but it felt like something a 29 year old would say.

Then I remembered again I WAS 29. I had almost thought I WAS pretending for a minute . . .

But at least I have my cava to enjoy now! Mmmmm . . .


  1. Haha!

    I get ID'd all the time... I'm 18, but I don't actually own any ID. So it's no good at all.

    But yeah, anyway, that should be a lesson to you : Always go to your local! :)


  2. I'm 25 and I still get carded for lottery tickets. OK, I can see carding me to make sure I'm 21, but 18!?! I don't think I LOOK like I'm a junior in high school!

  3. I'm 25 and I still get carded for lottery tickets. OK, I can see carding me to make sure I'm 21, but 18!?! I don't think I LOOK like I'm a junior in high school!

  4. Good girl, never leave without vino in hand! You rocked it~~~

  5. I love it when I get ID'd! It always makes me feel so young. And then I remember I'm not. But then I get drunk again and I don't care!

  6. hahaha, sometimes I totally feel that way too when people question me! Wait, maybe I'm not old enough! Oh, no, wait, I am!

  7. I'm always asked for my ID...I used to think it sucked but now that I'm getting older I actually enjoy it, lol...(8) forever young, I wanna be forever young (8)

  8. I still can't decide whether this is actually a compliment, or just plain annoying.

    I think my problem is that I hate getting ID'd at 24 ... when I spent three years under-age drinking - probably *really* looking 12 - and it was never questioned ONCE in my illegal days ... yet now ...

    Anyway, hope you enjoyed your wine!

  9. gurrrrr theres a new policy flating around whcih is ID people who look under 25! Flippin insane and annoying and I have no license OR passport :(

    I dont know how I will survive minus my malibu :(


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