Sunday, 19 April 2009


This morning I was doing one of my usual Sunday activities - nursing a hangover and lying in bed reading - when I made an interesting discovery. As I came to the end of my book, I came across the following advert . . .

I've always been a bit dubious about dating websites as it is - mainly because I think it's too easy for people to pretend to be something they're not. But this one - Penguin Dating - took the biscuit. Why the FUCK would a publishers have a dating website? Sounds like blatant greed to me.

Anyway, let's think about this logically. The advert (which I know is a little blurry, apologies!) says:

"Meet someone who loves what you love too."

Obviously in this case, they are referring to taste in books.

I suppose that's all very well if you like a good murder mystery or thriller and want someone who has similar interests. Or you're a Tolkien enthusiast and wish to discuss Middle Earth in finite detail for eternity. Or perhaps the finer details of Harry Potter?

My problem? Aside from a liking for LOTR, HP and the occasional Dan Brown novel, I'm a chick lit fan through and through.

Do I WANT a guy with the same taste in novels as me?

Er - well, not really. In fact, enough of the wishy-washy answer. I can say a definitive "no"!

I'd rather have a conversation with a guy where I have to JUSTIFY why I like Jackie Collins or Jilly Cooper (which is something I had to do last week - my answer? "Because it has lots of sex in it." Which kind of shut him up.) than a conversation where we fought over which one of us was the biggest Marian Keyes fan.

Because, really, that would just be WRONG!!!

Anyway, I decided to have a look at the site anyway, just out of interest. That was fun.

Oooh, it's powered by Yippee.

The member "spotlight" on the first page tells you about a couple of the people who have signed up for it, and what they have last read.

Can you imagine what MINE would look like???


Glasgow - West

29 year old woman

Last read: "Riders" by Jilly Cooper. Why? BECAUSE IT HAS LOTS OF SEX IN IT, OF COURSE!!! (ps I know I'm holding a glass of wine in the picture but I'm honestly NOT an alcoholic)

(Firstly I should point out I have NOT actually signed up for Penguin dating. And secondly, I read "Riders" years ago. It was actually a far less sex-obsessed chick-lit novel called "Stick or Twist" which I read last - the novel with the Penguin dating advert in it, in fact.)

(Thirdly, if I DID sign up for it, AND used that information as above, it REALLY would be giving people the wrong idea wouldn't it???)

Anyway, that's my two cents on THIS website. Verdict? I just don't see the point of it, frankly!

But then, perhaps I am being too hasty. Because then I read my horoscope and at the bottom it said:
"A dating website looks intriguing. Find out more."

Well, I suppose I DID, didn't I??? ;)


Today was probably one of the nicest days of the year so far. I spent most of the afternoon in the Botanic Gardens, which is just around the corner from my flat. I actually have a bit of sunburn, which you don't generally expect in Scotland in April. But there you go! Hopefully this is the start of summer now!

On my way back from the gardens, the sky was such a lovely shade of blue that I couldn't resist snapping a couple of pictures on my Blackberry . . .

Isn't the west end pretty in the sunshine??? I feel in such a good mood now.

Shame about having to go back to work tomorrow. But considering I have four-day weeks from now until June (with the exception of the full week I'll be in Rhodes), I can't even really complain about THAT!!!


  1. Knowing my luck, my match on that site would be a gay man. :(

  2. "Riders", lol. Great idea, I think, if you're into a certain genre, as you said. But guys liking chick lit? We definitely DON'T want it that way.

    And, can we have some of that Glasgow sunshine on the east coast please?? St Andrews is FREEZING!

  3. Geez, what's next? A dating service through the dry cleaners? We're not THAT desperate!

  4. I love Jilly Cooper. My favourite is Polo.

    But shh, don't tell anyone. I wouldn't want a bloke who liked those books. Nah uh.

  5. These seem like the type of matches that could land you in a Cadbury's bribing situation again! What a bizarro site!

  6. Well, at least you know they can read, and that's a start.

  7. I love the blue sky! I got sunburn last week too, bloody painful and so unexpected but at least it will brown out in the next week or so! yipee!


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