Friday, 17 April 2009


Back in the day, when I used to get drunk and do mental things like chase guys around statues asking them if my boobs were boring, I also did slightly other odd things. I sort of blame the crowd I hung around with, I guess. And also the fact I mainly drank vodka . . .

The most mental thing I guess was the night I was in The Admiral, a pub near my work when I worked for directory enquiries. Where I decided to attempt to bribe a gay guy to sleep with me . . .

What did I try to bribe him with? Not money, if that's what you are thinking.

Rather, it was a Cadbury's Caramel bar.

It seemed like a good idea at the time.

The thought is in my head because I was reunited with the dude on facebook last night (see what I mean about Facebook bringing people together???) and jokingly asked him if anyone had bribed him with a chocolate bar recently. He said no, that sadly I had been the only one.

Anyway, I probably don't want to think about that night TOO much because it was also the night that me and one of my friends decided to venture into the office while under the infuence at half ten or so on a Friday night - and were forcibly ejected from the premises by security. Oops. I was terrified for days afterwards I was going to land in the shit for that one.

But the Cadbury's Caramel story never fails to make me laugh now - even six or more years on.

Oh, and if you're wondering if he accepted the bribe . . . funnily enough, he didn't.

I can't imagine why not . . . ;)


  1. I reckon he didn't accept because he's a Galaxy Caramel fan, opposed to a Cadbury's Caramel fan - that *has* to be why!! ;p

    Have a fab weekend doing nothing ... perhaps you could make the plan to blog more about a certain guy! :D

  2. Omg, that was too funny! I was actually crying with laughter when I read that! :)

  3. hahahaha! the things one attempts when the vodka's been flowing! what a story! :-)

  4. hahahahahaha, you're adorable. i love it.

  5. Your blog is very good. You can see mine,

  6. I LOVE Caramilk bars. But I'm not gay.

    (I've never met your boobs personally, but I'm sure they are lovely.)


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