Saturday, 25 April 2009


I had a lovely brunch with my mum and sister this morning. And finally got my holiday tickets off my mum (they were delivered to my parent's address because I still have my bank card registered there).

Now it feels properly official - two weeks today me and my flatmate are off to Rhodes. Pefkos, to be exact. It looks like a lovely place and I'm so excited. I really could use a holiday right now so this is going to be just what I need.

As for July's holiday, me and my sister had almost settled on Tenerife and then today my mum throws a spanner in the works with some mild scare-mongering. She says to us "But Mount Teide* is due to erupt this year." Immediately freaking me and my sis out.

Turns out she doesn't so much mean it might erupt this year but APPARENTLY (first I've heard of it), it erupts roughly once every hundred years and the last time it erupted, according to her, was 100 years ago. I just checked on wikipedia and turns out it last erupted in 1909 so she is right.

Of course, this has now managed to put me and my sister off going there, so looks like it's going to be back to square one.

Sometimes I wish we weren't such big chickens . . .

Anyone else off anywhere nice on holiday soon? Or have you ever been somewhere you considered to be a bit "dangerous"? Feel free to share!!!

*the volcano in the centre of the island


  1. Ooh - holidays!!! Three weeks yesterday I head to the Middle East!! Is that dangerous enough for you!? :p We're going to Egypt (we'll be a few miles from the Israel border) and Jordan (which borders IRAQ!), but I have been to "dicey" places before.

    Considering where I'm going, I think you should go to Tenerife! But, enjoy Rhodes first! :0)

  2. You're so lucky! I could always use a vacation but not planning one until July. You'll have a wonderful time, I'm sure.

  3. ooo wow rhodes is just gorjus (i hear) i hope u have a lvly time arranging it all and ofcourse i hope you enjoy the holiday itself!

    I am off to Yarmouth next week (eeeeek!) for 5 nights wiht the kids! Our first family holiday!

  4. I've been to Nunavut, which is in the Canadian Arctic. It was summer time, no polar bears to be seen. +19C who knew the arctic could be so warm! No vacation plans yet. Have fun on yours!


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