Saturday, 4 April 2009


It's two fifteen am on April 4th (I've not been to bed yet, although I did pass out for an hour or two when I got back from the pub after work - since then I've been chatting on facebook). And guess what? I'm 29 and a half today!

Does anyone else celebrate half birthdays? I have one friend who does and everyone else looks at me like I'm slightly mental (although that might just be the normal way they look at me, to be honest) when I mention it. Although I'm sure Silver in 90210 celebrated hers, so I didn't feel quite so alone. (Despite the fact she's a 15/16 year old and I'm six months from 30, which I suppose makes it pretty sad!)

But anyway, we always celebrated it as kids. I always expected some sort of treat on the 4th April. Whether it was a little gift, or a special cake. I can't remember whether we sung "Happy Half Birthday" or not. Probably sometimes!

It's weird to think that I'm halfway through being twenty nine now. That I only have six more months of being in my twenties. I can't quite get my head around it.

I'm kinda wondering where the time has gone.

I hope the next six months don't go so fast.

And I hope you all take the time to celebrate your next half birthday in SOME way. Any excuse right?

In other news, look where I'm going to be tomorrow. (I should point out this ISN'T a half birthday celebration for me!)

And how much am I LOVING this song right now - although the video is admittedly a bit of a sex show...


  1. Happy 29 1/2 b-day. I speak from experience when I say the 30's are WAY better than the 20's! Well, that's my experience anyway.

  2. I missed my half birthday this year. Poor people who have birthdays on August 30th and 31st won't have half birthdays! (or mostly August 29th too!)

  3. I recognise half-birthdays! Happy half-one!!

    As for the Boogie Bus - AWESOME!! I've seen that out and about in Edinburgh quite a few times! :0) Have a fabbity night!

  4. Wait, when did Britney get hot again?!?!? This is making me confused.

    The half-birthday idea is a good one. Might as well make as many holidays as you can.

  5. Happy Half-Birthday! I say, why NOT celebrate? I'll take any excuse for champagne and cake.

  6. I barely celebrate whole birthdays, but hey, I won't stop others. Happy half! :)

    I enjoy the Amy song, but the chorus is a bit of a stretch. The radio version ( actually sounds better because it makes a complete sentence. I know I'm missing the point of the song, but I can't help it.

  7. What a great idea! Happy Half Birthday :)

  8. Anything to celebrate. So true.

    All Britney's videos are fierce.

  9. I think I should actually start celebrating my half birthday. It will be a million times better than my current birthday, a bloody week before Christmas.


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