Wednesday, 15 April 2009


Last night I was out with my friend D and we ended up pretty drunk. Well, I was probably the most drunk as D was drinking pretty slowly so I was having bigger shares of the wine than she was.

I think it was pretty much the last subway home I ended up on (although I can't be 100% sure given how pissed I was) but I do remember this much. That I was walking up the stairs from the platform at Hillhead station and when I reached the top I realised that I'd stepped right out of one of my ballet pumps halfway up.

And there were tons of people behind me.


As images of my poor shoe being trampled to death and of me having to limp home with one shoe on ran through my head, someone spotted my predicament and picked up the shoe and brought it to me.

I would love to say it was a handsome prince who tried the shoe on me and it fit and we lived happily ever after, but no such luck.

It was a girl who I could tell was trying really hard not to laugh.

After my reunion with my shoe, I came home and and was involved in a mildly risque text conversation. And then had a silent disco in my room until half one in the morning.

So there's my mundane story of the day . . .


  1. Silent discos are awesome! But you gotta take be in front of a mirror giving it your best moves.

    Also, i would be that girl giving your shoe back. You gotta admit, if you werent the drunk Cinderella, you'd be trying to stifle your laughter too...

  2. Now if you had been wearing heels it would have been a man ;)


  3. if it were here in NY, anyone picking up your shoe would be prone to a lawsuit. That's how people here have become.

  4. How far along did you walk before you noticed you didn't have your shoe??

  5. I giggled a little at the "mildly risque text conversation" because I just had one and somethings in writing just look funny! lol!

  6. How cute would it have been if it were an adorable man who you could take home and make sweet wonderful love to.


  7. Don't you love mildly risque texts?

  8. Mildly risque drunk conversations are the best! as long as midly risque doesnt become oh-my-god-i-said-that?! risque once you sober up the next morning :)

  9. dude! this happened to a girl on the subway stairs this morning! I was going to pick up the shoe for her, but she hurried back to grab it. isn't that strange? COSMIC?? ;)

  10. The real question is whether you were able to keep your shoes on for the silent disco!


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