Monday, 9 March 2009


Recently our department's individual desk bins were replaced by communal bins - one for paper, one for drinks and one for general crap. This is irritating, as it took me a couple of weeks before I actually remembered I didn't have my own bin to put things in. I kept reaching down with rubbish and realising there was nothing there. Very frustrating!

Anyway, I have gradually started to get used to it, so I have taken to making my life easier by taking my rubbish with me to the bin whenever I'm leaving the room. Whether it's to go and retrieve something off the printer, going for my lunch, or going to the loo.

Today I was due a loo break, so got up with an Alpen wrapper and an empty packet of Skittles in one hand, and my work pass to get in and out of the door in the other. I lifted the lid of the bin, threw away what I thought was my rubbish and as I was about to walk away . . . realised the wrappers were still in my hand.

And my work pass was in the bin.


Of course, I couldn't be seen rummaging through the bin for the pass like some sort of tramp, so I had to announce it to everyone nearby that I had just put my pass in the bin. Weird tramp or idiot??? I probably would have been better to be seen as the tramp. Oh well. Luckily, the pass HADN'T disappeared down to the bottom of the bin but was still lying on top, although it did take me a minute to spot it.

I tried really hard to make a joke out of it, because I suppose it IS quite a funny thing to happen. But really . . . I was mortified! After that, everytime I went to the bin I was TERRIFIED I was going to lose the pass again.

Somebody joked to me that just because I lost my pass didn't mean I could get out of coming to work.

I know that! Considering I actually need the pass to get OUT of the door as well as in, losing the pass inside of work is NOT actually going to help much!

Oh well, it was a good plan while it lasted . . .


  1. Being afraid I'd lose the pass again the next time, and the next time... is exactly the kind of thing I'd do.

  2. Me too.

    I actually have a similar fear that has not yet happened to me-if I am leaving a certain shopping mall near me, the path to my favorite parking lot takes me right over a rather large drainage grate-you know, for rainwater, blood, vomit, etc.

    Every single time I walk by it on the way out-I usually have my car keys out-I have this sudden, irrational fear I am going to drop them. I hear, in my head, the *klink* of them hitting the bar of the grade, then the sickening plunge until a soft "splash" announces their arrival in the water.

    Now, I've never done this-and certainly never done it at this particular spot. But the fear ALWAYS comes, and I ALWAYS get a particular ticklish sensation in the palm of my hand where I am holding said keys.


  3. I've accidentally thrown away things, too. I'm sure my parents lost about a dozen spoons when I used to take them to school for lunch because I accidentally threw them away.

  4. hahaha that's hilarious. i love how we feel the need to explain/justify what we're doing is sane when it even lOOKS like we're going crazy!

  5. oops! that's bad :P

  6. sounds like something I would do!

  7. I accidentally washed my ipod when I threw it in with the laundry

  8. You need a pass to get out of your office too? Oh man, that's crazy. And would kill half the people in my office (namely the half that don't have full access yet and call me to let them into the office every day!)


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