Thursday, 5 March 2009


So today I went shopping. It was great fun!

I came into a bit of money recently. 500 pounds in fact. And not for any bad reasons, like losing a loved one or anything like that. My lovely Granda just decided he was going to give some away to his grandkids. So I decided that I would put 100 towards savings. 150 towards the holiday I'll hopefully get to take in July (I've already got all the money ready to pay for my Rhodes trip in May, so don't need to worry about that). And 250 just for me!!!

My plan was to buy jeans but do you know what? It just depressed me. Because I've put on a bit of weight of recently, the size 10 jeans just weren't fitting right. I have bought the odd skirt in a size 12 recently, and I refuse to go back to size 12 jeans as well. So I aimed for things I CAN still buy and feel pretty in, and buy smaller sizes in (the only good thing about having small boobs!). So I bought three new tops, a new mac and a pretty flower hair accessory. This cost me all in all about 130 pounds.

So then I felt quite guilty.

But the ideal solution to this feeling-like-a-shopaholic problem???

Go and see "Confessions of A Shopaholic". Just like when I read the book it was based on "The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic" (what it was called in the UK), I suddenly felt much MUCH better about my spending. I may have had a couple of issues with the book-into-film issue (it's never the same as far as I'm concerned) but I really did enjoy it, and it made me feel so much better about my spending.

Because, no matter what, I am NEVER going to be as bad as Becky Bloomwood!!!

(Oh, and by the way, what the FUCK was with her clothes??? Sometimes it was like she was Carrie Bradshaw on speed . . .)


  1. I went shopping this weekend with money I shouldn't have been spending! But it was excellent. I got three tops, two pair of sunglasses, two new nail polishes, and two new bras. I guess I should read that book and see the movie, too, since I guess I'll be able to relate!

  2. Shopping is also good. It can promote consumption, and promoting economic growth, then we will earn more money. :)

    Health is the Greatest Happiness & The World at The Present

  3. And why am I not seeing any pictures of the purchases?

  4. Haven't seen the movie yet but it looks funny.

    Glad you're feeling better, hun!

  5. Oh I would LOVE a good shopping spree!

  6. I havent seen the movie yet! I am only just getting back into shopping tho I unfortunatly cannot spend that ammount in one time one just me anymore! I would get rather a lot from somewhere like primark for me and the kids for that much lol!

    Shopping is good for the soul though, sure does cure the blues :) x

  7. I'm possibly as bad as Becky Bloomwood! Meep!

    Glad you had fun shopping though - any links of the clothes you bought?! :0)


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