Sunday, 15 March 2009


I realise this is the name of a "Friends" episode. The post isn't actually about "Friends". But it seemed pretty apt given the circumstances. Well, sort of. Let me elaborate . . .

Remember the 21 year old I snogged? No, not the one from work, the one I snogged at a night out the other week? This one?

While under the influence on Thursday night, it was suggested by some of the witnesses of the snog that he WASN'T in fact 21.

In fact, there has been various suggestions that he and his little friend might not have even been eighteen.

To the point where one of the girls said to me "those were awfully big bags they had. They probably had their school uniforms stashed in them."

Oh dear.

Oh DEAR!!!

So obviously what sprung to mind was the episode of "Friends" where Monica inadvertently had sex with the high school senior. Thankfully when the girls said they thought he was underage they meant underage to DRINK, plus I don't think a quick snog is quite the same thing anyway but more than anything? I feel a bit thick. Only because I totally believed them when they were telling me they were 21 and what uni they went to and everything.

Did I accidentally proposition a 17 year old????


Well, I suppose it provides a good story, if nothing else . . .


In other boy-related stuff . . . hypothetical question!

If you are on casual acquaintance with a guy, and start emailing one another, and then one day you give the guy your number, is he going to take that as a sign you are interested? Bearing in mind here that you may have actually kissed the guy before? And that after you have given your number to him, the two of you have text each other quite a bit?

And say you ARE actually interested, but don't really want to make a fool of yourself, and he HASN'T taken you giving him your number as a sign of this . . . then how do you let him know WITHOUT just telling him outright?

Okay, it's NOT really a hypothetical question.

I'm asking for a friend . . .


  1. Being Monica is so much better than being Mrs. Robinson, though!

    I don't know about our hypothetical situations. I'm hopeless in that department.

  2. Oh no! But, it wasn't your fault if you were duped!! And let's face it, if *you* ever went out under-age clubbing, you probably duped older men into believing you were older! Also, it's OK because children grow up so fast nowadays - if they were actually 17, that makes them about 25 really!

    As for your friend's hypothetical question ... I also have no idea. I always have to resort to me plus alcohol to even attempt to let a guy know I like him ... and I still fail spectacularly. If your friend figures it out, let me know! ;p

  3. Get him drunk and snog him-- that's my solution!! Or ask him for something date-ish, like coffee one-on-one, that can still be interpreted as a "just friends" thing if there isn't that chemistry.

    And an 18 year old? You are a fox, my dear!

  4. If I've learned anything from men in the last year it's that we really can't overestimate how dumb they are at all this. If you really don't want to just tell him outright (if he's kissed you, and then kept in touch, unless you were already on best pal terms already, that's a good sign - sure you don't want to just come out with it?) then flirt more and outrageously until he finally twigs.
    Seriously. Don't overestimate it.

  5. I've done the "hook up with an under 18 fella" before - albeit, I was 21, but he was 17 & my boss' son's best friend - and it's not too bad. Was it good? Then it doesn't matter much, ha.

    As for the "hypothetical" question, I have no idea. I'm clueless when it comes to boys, which means I'm upfront. Ha. Try it, perhaps?

  6. Well, I've always dated older guys. As in, 5 years older. That's why my ex-pseudo-boyfriend (aka. ex-snogging-partner) was like 21 when I was 16.

    Good thing I look like 3 years older. He may have gone to prison!

  7. Ha ha! I found myself getting it on with an 18 tr old guy when i was 23... but i went back for seconds, so i'm worse than you!

    As for the hypothetical, i say ask him out - like Princess Pointful said, make it something like a casual date. " Hey, you wana catch a movie later ? ". " I've hard a hard day - wana grab a drink with me? "

    The guy i'm with now was impressed when i asked him out to begin with.... he'll probably love it too!

  8. What a Cougar you are! Preying on younger men like that.


    Umm... well tell your "friend" that yes it does in fact send the message that you're interested.


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