Saturday, 21 March 2009


Sometimes I really do wonder why I put myself through the whole getting drunk thing. Because as much fun as it seems at the time, I always feel so crap the next day that it hardly seems worth the fun part.

Take last night, for example. A guy I work with was having a leaving night. It was a GORGEOUS day (considering it's March in Scotland, the weather has been great recently - we even sat in the park at lunchtime the other day!) so we headed for McPhabbs since there's outdoor seats there. Okay, so it kinda seemed like we were sitting in a car park for a big chunk of the afternoon but it's always nice to have a day where you CAN sit outside and drink! After no one could stand the cold anymore (it wasn't THAT warm, after all) we headed indoors where it appeared that the lead singer of the band Del Amitri was dj-ing. Although I'm still not sure if it was definitely him or not.

After that, we headed elsewhere, but the place we were planning to go had a private party going on, so we ended up in a somewhat dodgy pub called The Pewter Pot. Hmmm. It was slightly scary. By this point, I was absolutely BLAZING!!! When it closed, there was talk of heading to someone's flat on the southside but that seemed kinda pointless to me since I lived five minutes around the corner from this pub, so I headed home.

Good thing I did because my hangover as it IS is immense! The plan was to go into work at six am and do a seven hour OT shift. In reality, I woke at ten past five to a text from my flatmate asking if I was up, realised I was in no way, shape or form capable of doing any work, and replied saying I would have to go in tomorrow instead cos it wasn't happening today!

I managed to fall back asleep but woke at nine with a pounding headache and couldn't get back to sleep. I kept thinking I wanted to puke, but nothing happened. I ate an ice lolly (sometimes that helps) and then some cheese on toast (melted cheese also sometimes helps) and I STILL felt bad. Now I feel slightly better but still nowhere near normal. It sucks.

I hate hangovers. I especially hate TODAY'S hangover.

Yet I had a great night last night.

Hangovers are obviously a way of punishing you for having a good time.

And for drinking too much, of course . . .


  1. Well, I'm glad you mentioned this since that's one of the reaons why I don't drunk as if it was the last time anymore. I hate feeling sick the day after.
    Even worse, I'm a lightweight...argh...last saturday, I had two small budweisers and a glass of smirnoff and speed (energy drink) and I was not only drunk but also doing the stupid stuff one tends to do while drunk. It really sucks.
    btw...they say cucumber is good for hangovers...of course I wouldn't eat a cucumber in the morning but..maybe if I wake up at 2 pm...well..I might eat a cucumber salad and with comes the remedy.

  2. There's so much bad stuff that can come from excessive drinking... But it's ok on occasion I think, especially if you have nothing to do the next day.

  3. Hangovers suck ass! It's the paranoia that really kills me though!

  4. I know what you mean! I love to irish so of course I do, but the day after kills me. I use to be able to drink a lot when i was younger but its weird. Now that im actually legally able to drink I dont. I;m too old to handle the next day haha

  5. It is hard not to resent the hangover free, carefree days of youth, when a few glasses of wine wouldn't leave you feeling like utter crap the next day. Sigh.

  6. Yeah, after hungovers like this, it's when I decided I won't be drinking heavily EVER again. Then I realize that when I'm slightly tipsy, I drink too much and everything feels better.

  7. I agree with you! I always like to have a few for a fun buzz but once I cross the line and overdo it it becomes less fun and ruins the next day!

  8. I had a pretty killer hangover saturday...and I had to actually function. Tres horrible.

  9. Hair of the dog baby girl :)

    When you get a chance, come and enter the Under the Sheets five question contest.

  10. The best is when you are so pissed that you think maybe you should stop because in your moment of drunken brilliance you know you will feel horrible the next day!


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