Monday, 16 February 2009


So in the past few days I have been tagged on two occasions for two separate awards. Handily one of the tags asks for you to list at least ten honest things about yourself, and the other asks you to list ten interesting facts. Virtually the same thing, no? So I figured I would handily combine the two, then . . . be selfish and keep the awards to myself and not forward them onto anyone. Sound like a plan? Think I'm selfish? It's okay, I knew that anyway.

Okay, let's go . . .

1) I love thinking up random facts about myself. For one thing, it's fun. For another, it saves me having to think of something to post about on any given day . . .

2) I was just browsing on facebook and this guy that scares me a bit (I worked with him years ago) decided to chat with me in one of those instant message boxes. The second he sent me the message, I panicked and logged off. Now I feel bad. That being said, I removed him as a friend on bebo a few months back because he was constantly sending me messages, so maybe I should just do the same with facebook.

3) Continuing the social networking theme, I find it very hard NOT to accept people I know as friends when they request me. This means I'm very paranoid when I'm requesting other people as friends . . .

4) I hate it when I'm at an event and then discover afterwards that I'm not in any of the photos. It makes me feel like I wasn't really there. I don't even care if the pics are BAD, as long as I'm in them!

5) I find it hard to throw things away. I am THE ultimate hoarder.

6) I have a RIDICULOUS amount of dvds I haven't watched yet I keep watching repeats of "Friends" on E4.

7) I don't really like wearing black. I'm not sure why.

8) I have an unhealthy fascination with natural disasters. I think deep down I might get caught up in the middle of one at some point in my life.

9) I used to hate shoes and only owned like five pairs in total. One day I just woke up and loved them. That being said, I still don't understand people who buy shoes that don't fit them and then say "I just couldn't resist, they were so PRETTY!"

10) I felt bad for nearly two years about the fact someone got into trouble because of me. But now he's bitched and bitched and BITCHED about me, and said some very indiscreet hurtful things (and dare I say HYPOCRITICAL things!!!!), on MANY occasions, to people he must KNOW will tell me, I actually could not care less anymore.

So ANYWAY . . . here are the two awards I received!

From Jacinta I got this one . . .
And from Dan, I got this . . .

Thanks guys!!! :)


  1. How you used to be about shoes is how I used to be about purses... I used to carry my wallet in my pocket! Now I am a purse Nazi... I have at least one in every color!

  2. You're the most selfish person I know.

    Which I love, because then I don't feel so alone in the world :D

  3. I have, on the odd occasion, bought shoes that were a size too big just because they were way too pretty to leave on the shelf.... dont look at me lkike that, you just buy those gel inserts and hey presto! the shoes are totally wearable!

  4. So how does the hoarding and the burgeoning love of shoes work out?
    100's of pairs just staring at you?

  5. #4 -- I'm exactly the same way!

  6. There's a guy I know from high school who bought tennis a size too big to make it look like he had a big shlong.

  7. I hate it when you ignore friend requests and they ask again, like they didnt get the hint the first time. I have so many friends from waaaaay back who I feel have nothing to do with my life today wanting to be my friend and I dont want them looking at my stuff

  8. Totally agree about the photos after an event- it's like, noone even cared I was there! And I too had a shoe revolution when I finally realised the joy to be had from looking proudly down at something pretty on my feet! I think it was round about the same time I no longer enjoyed looking for jeans.

  9. I'm with you on the photos one. This summer Dr D's brother got married. I spent a fortune on an outfit etc, and I wasn't in any of the photos. I was upset and livid at the same time. It still bothers me now to think it's like I wasn't even there.


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