Wednesday, 4 February 2009


Do you ever feel like your life is a soap opera? Like it just can't be real?

That's how I've been feeling recently. Except it's not a brilliant award winning soap opera, or a glamorous one, it's just kinda like real life only far more annoying. It's like everything weird or odd happens all at once to one specific character - quite often ME! - the way things happen to certain characters in soap operas. But unlike in the made-up world, things never seem to resolve themselves properly. People don't always move on, the truth doesn't always come out in the end, and people don't necessarily KNOW what to do next.

I guess everything isn't black or white.

I think the script writers in charge of my own personal soap opera should be fired and replaced by new ones who write me a less confusing life and make me a far more decisive character.

After all, if I don't know what I what, how am I meant to find it???

Also, I need to thank Chele from The Tambourine Queen. Why? Well, I had this horrible walk home tonight in cold sleety snow stuff that had just decided to reappear in time for my exit from work, and when I walked in the door, I was greeted by an unexpected surprise from Thailand. She sent me some goodies like hair clips and ear-rings along with a lovely little note. I can't take a picture of them right now as I have to head out the door and my laptop is being a pain in the ass (script-writers, can you please write me in a new computer???) but I will post it as soon as I can. Thanks so much Chele, you rock too!!!


  1. I'm sorry your life is being weird right now, I hope it gets better :)
    How cool is it to get home and find a gift??? :D:D

  2. For the last two weeks my life has been a soap opera, a really shitty one where the lovely damsel has all sorts of boy problems and cries a lot. But, the soap opera will get better starting this week!

  3. My gawd - yes! I've been saying that about my life for a while now, and I really don't like soaps...

    You've inspired a blogpost I might get round to writing :)

  4. "I think the script writers in charge of my own personal soap opera should be fired and replaced by new ones who write me a less confusing life and make me a far more decisive character."

    Word. I'd like to make the same request regarding my life "writers".

  5. Hello, Paula, you've been tagged - on my blog :) (Been reading you for ages, but have I ever commented?)

  6. yeahhh, glad my little package arrived. always nice to surprise someone. Its not much just little trinkets I hope you like.

    and yes my life feels like the biggest soap opera.

  7. Um, my love life definitely could be a soap opera too lol. But not in the really passionate really great kind of way but more in the oh my god this is so bad and funny and sad that I can't stop watching kind of way.

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